Nia Kay Net Worth: Which Season Did Nia Kay Make Her Debut on Rap Game?

Nia Kay is a young American rapper who rose to prominence at an early age. She is just seventeen years old, yet she has already gained a level of popularity and renown she never could have imagined.

Early Education and Development

Nia Kay was born in Chicago, Illinois, to a middle-class family. She was born on December 8, 2001. Vo is her brother’s name, and Toni is her mother’s name. No record exists of her father.

Nia Kay has always been passionate about music, and she used to perform at her mother’s salon. She recently graduated with honours, but was unable to attend her commencement since she was working on the set of The Rap Game.

She desires to attend a standard high school. Nia Kay has made her family pleased by surpassing their expectations, as her family places a premium on education. She is upbeat and motivated to inspire adolescents her age.

The Profession of Nia Kay

Nia Kay was born a celebrity. Due to her family’s musical heritage, this young lady began playing music at age four. She used to sing at family gatherings and in the church choir before she became renowned.

Nia Kay submitted her first YouTube video, In My Zone, when she was ten years old. With the encouragement of friends and other viewers, she and her cousin Trueblu founded the rap group “Diary4Two.”

She got to notoriety because to her videos, particularly her NiaKay Freestyles compilation. In the second season of The Rap Game, which aired on July 22, 2016, she impressed both the judges and a big number of viewers.


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The young woman’s talent, Nia Kay, drew uproar on Twitter. Both of her most recent solo tracks, Walked In – Remix and her Viva debut Extra with Pink Bandz, were solo successes.

Earnings of Nia Kay

Nia Kay, a teenage rapper, is said by The Cityceleb to have a net worth of $450,000. Her musical career is her major source of income. The source of Nia Kay’s wealth is her work as a musician and rapper. The majority of her songs are available on YouTube, which is also where she earns the most of her income.

Her Weight Loss is Making a Huge Difference!

As a child, Nia was a cute, chubby girl. She was content with her figure and never considered dieting to lose weight.

Since gaining her fame and notoriety, Nia has transformed into an entirely different, fashionable young woman. She has lost a substantial amount of weight and appears to be a completely different person than before.


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Her weight loss transformation began in March 2018, when she announced on Twitter that she was resuming her weight loss journey and that anyone who wished to join her was welcome to do so.

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Relationship Standing and Family Situation!

Nia’s parents appear to be extremely strict and want her to prioritise education above music. Nia never ceased singing despite several limitations and constraints.

She used to sing instead at her mother’s salon. Nia has already made her parents proud with her achievements to date. She never misses a chance to make her parents happy, whether by wishing them a happy Father’s or Mother’s Day.

Nia appears to be generating fewer dating-related stories and rumours. Nova, a popular rapper best known for winning the third season of The Rap Game, is the only man Nia has dated.


Nia Kay is a young American rapper who quickly climbed to stardom. She is just seventeen years old, yet she has already achieved a level of fame and notoriety she never expected. The Cityceleb reports that Nia Kay, a young rapper, has a net worth of $450,000.

Her music is her primary source of income. Nia Kay’s income comes from her profession as a singer and rapper. The majority of her songs may be found on YouTube, where she also gets the majority of her revenue.

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Frequent Requested Information

Which season did Nia Kay make her debut on Rap Game?

Nia Kay (born Duchess Nia Kay on December 8, 2001) is a notable American rapper, songwriter, actor, and social media personality. In season two of the reality show The Rap Game, she competed. Her lyrical and freestyle abilities attracted a great deal of attention.

How Old Is the Rapper Nia Kay?

20 years since birth (December 8, 2001)

What is the height and weight of Nia Kay?

Nia Kay has a height of 1.45 metres and a weight of 46 kilos. Her bodily dimensions are 34 by 25 by 35 inches.

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