Next Gen Nintendo Console On Its Way To Replace Switch Imminent

Nintendo (Nintendo) will send an updated exchange from the GLAY game console in early July or early October to early July and begins with new changes to the problem and four years of the match. Entertaining. You can announce a new console that informs the global event to display the entire link range from 12 to $ 299 to $ 299. He asked. Plans are generally not commonly called because they are not common. Standard switches are sold as Lite Switch 199 from time to time.

Collectors will begin shipping new models in July, the brand is known to few in Kyoto, and production peaks in the October-December quarter. And this despite a widespread shortage of semiconductors, powering everything from cars to televisions, headsets, and game consoles, including the switches themselves. Nintendo had to compete with next-generation consoles to get the attention of gamers represented by its rival Sony Group. And Microsoft. November Corp.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X computers have improved the visual fidelity, speed, and performance of their predecessors, which were very limited from the outset. The switch manufacturer’s response was to update its flagship console with a 7-inch screen from Samsung. Bloomberg News was formerly known as Nvidia Corp. It is known to be able to play 4K output when connected to a TV via an OLED display and high-speed graphics crystal.

The price of the new switch could rise from $ 299 per console after launching in March 2017 due to more expensive parts and rising labor costs in China. The final selling price is still unknown, but the seller is hoping to sell per unit. Next comes Nintendo. Nintendo’s share price rose for the sixth straight day until Thursday, culminating in clear expectations of an immediate new hardware announcement.

Sellers are confident they will be able to fulfill Nintendo’s orders despite continued chip shortages. The production line is prepared for possible reconfiguration of components, and the parts used by Nintendo are less competitive than the high-performance consoles offered by competitors.

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