Newsweek Netflix Most Watched Shows: Do You Know the Names of These Shows ?

Stranger Things was Netflix’s biggest new show for May 2022, but it didn’t come out in time to be on the list of the most-watched TV shows for this month (though it is pretty much guaranteed the top spot next month).

The Lincoln Lawyer, Welcome to Eden, and the next season of The Circle were just some of the new Netflix shows that started in May. All of them showed up on the list of the 10 most-viewed items.

On the other hand, the most-watched show this month was one that didn’t start until the last week of the previous month. But, like Stranger Things, it came out too late to be on the list for that month.

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According to the streaming statistics website FlixPatrol, the following ten shows have been the most watched and most popular on Netflix in the United States over the past month.

In May of 2022, the top 10 most-watched TV shows on Netflix


In the third season of “Bridgerton,” Luke Newton and Nichola Coughlan, who play Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, will have the most important roles. Liam Daniel/Netflix

10. Bridgerton

newsweek netflix most watched shows

Even though the second season of Bridgerton started back in March, the show stayed popular enough to make the list in May. Since it was announced this month that Penelope and Colin will be the main characters of the next season, interest in the show has stayed high.

9. Workin’ Moms

newsweek netflix most watched shows

Because Workin’ Moms is a CBC production in Canada and not a Netflix original in the US, the Canadian sitcom has been able to keep airing all the way through its sixth season. Most Netflix shows are canceled after three seasons, if that (with a Season 7 likely coming soon).

8. Selling Sunset

newsweek netflix most watched shows

During the month of April, Netflix started streaming episodes of “The Christine Quinn Show,” or “Selling Sunset” as it is called by its real name. Because Chrishell’s relationship with Jason goes back and forth between making up and breaking up, Heather’s wedding, and everything Christine does, there is enough drama for at least six weeks of episodes of the reality show. Still, since Christine might leave the show, people are watching as much as they can while they still can.

7. The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib

newsweek netflix most watched shows

At this point, we are only part of The Boss Baby’s world. The unexpected success of the first movie led to the success of the second movie and the creation of this spin-off series for all of you who like babies who talk corporate babble.

6. Welcome to Eden / Bienvenidos an Edén

newsweek netflix most watched shows

Netflix likes to put together groups of attractive young people and put them in places like private schools, dystopian societies, or island cults. This is the second one, a Spanish-language show about a group of powerful people who are left alone on a secret island where strange things are happening.

5. Wrong Side of the Tracks / Entrevías

newsweek netflix most watched shows

Wrong Side of the Tracks is another hit Spanish-language movie on American Netflix this month. It’s about a jaded war veteran who goes on a one-man crusade to get revenge on the drug dealers in his community.

4. Grace and Frankie

newsweek netflix most watched shows

The comedy with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is almost certain to keep its record as the longest-running show in Netflix’s history. Fans loved the comedy about the odd couple throughout its nearly 90-episode run, which ended in a flurry earlier this year (and a Dolly Parton cameo).

Mel B and Emma Bunton are both on the song “The Circle.” The show on Netflix became one of the most watched of the month in part because it was about the Spice Girls. Netflix

3. The Circle

newsweek netflix most watched shows

Don’t let go of the reins, Hi-ci-yah! This season of The Circle, which is about social media, had a bigger cast because two girls from the girl group Spice Girls were in it. Baby and Scary pretending to be children’s book authors in their twenties while using a made-up social networking app is the kind of strange show that can only be found on Netflix.

2. The Lincoln Lawyer

newsweek netflix most watched shows

As long as we’re talking about the ’90s and ’00s, the most-watched show on Netflix that came out in May is an adaptation of a John Grisham book. In the 1990s, big-name legal dramas like the ones written by John Grisham were very popular in theaters. However, Netflix and other services have made it so that big-name legal dramas are no longer made. But with this new change, they tried to make up for it.

Julia Garner is in the second episode of Season 4 of “Ozark.” The last episodes of the Netflix show came out on April 29. Netflix

1. Ozark

newsweek netflix most watched shows

After four seasons, one of Netflix’s most popular shows came to an end in April. Fans can now turn their TVs’ brightness settings back to normal. The last few episodes of the show were just as morally ambiguous as the show’s famously dark photos.

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