New Gorilla Glass for Smartphone Camera’s is in the Works


Corning’s Gorilla Glass has long been used to make super transparent panels for the front and back of mobile phones, tablets, etc., but now Corning has created a new version of durable silica specifically designed for smartphone cameras. Following the launch of Gorilla Glass Victus last year, Corning stated that its new Gorilla Glass with DX and with DX+ is more durable and scratch-resistant than traditional anti-reflective coatings. Still has improved optical performance. DX+ is not technically new, because before each has been used in a few smartwatches, Corning said that this new formula has been fine-tuned to better meet the needs of today’s most complex mobile cameras.

Gorilla Glass DX and DX+ allow 98% of the light to pass through the camera lens and sensor element below, compared to about 95% for standard anti-reflective coatings. Although the extra 3% may not seem like a lot, each additional photon will have an impact, especially when you use the phone’s camera sensor to take photos at night, which is much smaller than what you see on a DSLR or full frame. The most important thing about mirrorless cameras is that as the number and size of the back lenses of modern mobile devices continue to increase, and the number of people who use the same mobile phone for three years or more continues to increase, the use of components that can perform better important.

Anti-Daily Wear Resistance Gorilla Glass DX Scratch Comparison This is a screenshot from Corning Video, which shows the comparison of Gorilla Glass DX+ with traditional AR coating and a regular one. Screenshot: In its release video (above), Corning demonstrated the durability of DX and DX+ in a side-by-side strength test, compared with the glass with standard anti-reflective coating and sapphire glass. It has been previously used by companies such as Apple to make durable screens and lens covers for Apple Watch, and Gorilla Glass DX+ seems to match the durability you get from Sapphire. Jaymin Amin, Corning Vice President and General Manager of Gorilla Glass, said: “By capturing 98% of the light for the camera lens, our glass composites increase the overall capacity of the camera design and help create images and high-quality videos.

Our Gorilla Glass DX products provide the industry’s best combination of optical performance and protection, providing the best consumer experience.” Although no specific phones equipped with Gorilla Glass DX/DX+ have been announced, Corning said that Samsung will be the first A customer using its lens caps on upcoming devices. Before Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event on August 11, this news was announced, it seems that it is likely to become a part of Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3, or both.

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