Netflix to Release Nanette Burstein Documentary Series, “Killer Sally,” in November 2022


Slowly, November’s Netflix list is coming together. On November 3, a true crime documentary series about Sally McNeil will come out. This is one of the documentaries that will be coming out this month. What you need to know is listed below.

The story is mostly about Sally McNeil, a bodybuilder who went to prison and was married to another bodybuilder, Ray McNeil. On Valentine’s Day in 1995, she killed her husband with a shotgun, which led to a 19-year prison sentence.

During the new documentary series, you’ll hear from friends, family, and people from both the defense and prosecution who were involved in the case. The documentary series will include a lot of interviews with Sally McNeil.

The show’s Netflix page has a trailer that says the docu-series will try to figure out why the murder happened and bring us up to date on the case, which reportedly ended this year with Sally McNeil getting parole.

Killer Sally has a great summary of the case if you want to read more about it before you watch the documentary. The Netflix documentary series was made by and is run by Nanette Burstein, who is also the president of Firehouse Films.

Burstein’s most well-known show was the Hulu limited docuseries Hillary, which came out in 2020. Burstein directed and oversaw all four episodes of the show. Burnstein also wrote On the Ropes, American Teen, Going the Distance, and The Kid Stays in the Picture, among other things.

Killer Sally will be on the same channel as a bunch of other true crime documentaries and docuseries. Some of Netflix’s biggest hits in this genre are Conversations with a Killer, Making a Murderer, Tiger King, Dirty Money, and I AM A KILLER. Recently, Conversations with a Killer also came out as a limited series about Jeffrey Dahmer.

It’s part of a “gold rush” of documentaries for streamers.

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