Netflix Movies to Binge This Upcoming Valentine’s Day 2023


Valentine’s Day is coming up in February, so love is definitely in the air. Whether you’re celebrating this day with your loved ones or even just by yourself, it is a nice day to cuddle up on the couch and watch some romantic movies. Romantic movies can surely develop an atmosphere that the lovers can share, increasing their connection when they watch them together.

In celebration of the sweetest day of the year, we’ve gathered a selection of movies that explores many forms of love from a wide range of perspectives, themes, and styles. In this article, you can choose any of the suggested Netflix movies to binge-watch on February 14th. Take a look now!

Set it Up

Set it Up is a sweet romantic comedy that will tickle your interest with its conventional storyline and range of emotional highs and lows. In the film, Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell work as two assistants who plan a scheme to make their bosses fall in love.

It portrays the life of those who served the wealthy and powerful. It displayed their difficulties, plight, and disappointments, but most importantly, you will fall in love with the story within an hour and a half.

The Half of It

This Netflix original movie offers a unique take on a high school love story. The plot revolves around a quiet, shy student who ends up assisting the inarticulate jock in courting the girl they both secretly adore.

As they connect through the most unexpected means, each one educates the other about the nature of love. In this film, platonic love is shown between two friends who have come to appreciate and understand one another.

Watching a romantic movie like The Half of It via Netflix and other streaming platforms like Hulu, HBO, and Go Latino TV is the perfect way to cuddle up your Valentine’s Day.

Someone Great

This movie is a breakup comedy-drama directed by Jennifer Robinson. It focuses on the life of Jenny Young, an inspirational music writer who is getting ready to move to San Francisco after getting a promotion when her lover of nine years leaves her, causing her to be puzzled and devastated.

At a music festival they used to go to frequently, Jenny invites her two closest friends for one wild last girls’ night. She seeks to rediscover herself following a painful breakup as they deal with their personal relationship issues. You will surely enjoy this film since it empowers us to choose for ourselves after devastating heartache.

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is a lighthearted romantic comedy that stars Ali Wong and Randall Park. The main characters of this movie are childhood friends Sasha and Marcus, who have a falling out and go 15 years without communicating. Their chemistry was intense when they were teenagers, and it remains that way when Sasha moves back to San Francisco to launch a restaurant.

Sasha’s popularity and demanding job created a barrier to their possible new relationship, as Marcus worries. However, everyone will be able to relate to the genuine sweetness in this movie as Sasha reminds Marcus that the best meals and love are those that make you feel at home.

If you’re looking for more romantic comedies, there are many other streaming platforms outside Netflix that you can access for free with just a speedy connection from cable or fiber internet.

When We First Met

This film is an American romantic comedy movie directed by Ari Sandel. It centers on Noah’s life after his first night with Avery, the girl of his dreams when she treats him as a friend. The day after Avery and Noah first met, she sees Ethan, her fiancé.

He wonders what went wrong for the following three years before getting the unexpected chance to go back in time and change that night. It’s exciting to watch a time travel film with real feelings, and Noah’s love of music is so fantastic that it’ll spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of movies on relationships that reflect every stage of your love life, whether you’re single, in a new relationship, married, or anywhere in between. On Netflix, there are many films that you can’t help but enjoy. You can choose from a variety of romantic comedies and romantic dramas to pick the perfect film for you this Valentine’s Day.

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