Nelk Boys Net Worth: How much do Nelk boys make each year?

In the past five years, The Neck Boys have developed a tremendous fan base, something no other prank channel has achieved. NELK is a Canadian entertainment company created in 2010 by the Boys, who became famous for their YouTube prank videos and vlogs.

As a prank channel, the company initially posted videos such as “coke prank on cops.” As the channel’s popularity increased, its moniker became well-known.

Nelk would become a household name in both the media and industry. The members of the group Nelk are Kyle Foregeard, Lusa Gararn, and ee beat. They launched a video production company in the United States in 2011 and began uploading videos to YouTube in the same year.

The podcast “Full Send” has allowed the Boys to broaden their audience and promote themselves as more than just a humor channel. The host of a late-night talk show, Jimmy Gambles, appears to be conducting interviews with them as well. In light of this, let’s examine the Nelk Boys’ total net worth as well as their earnings, sources of income, backgrounds, and current lifestyle.

Milk Boys Childhood

On July 6, 2010, Niko, Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Kyle Forgeard created the Nelk Boys YouTube channel. The first person Kyle met was Jesse Sebastiani, a fellow YouTuber and the filmmaker of the documentary Saved by the Status. Since more than four years, they have collaborated.

In 2015, Martnov’s villages, which comprised Niko and Marko, disbanded, prompting Jesse Sebastiani and Lusa Gararn to join immediately.

As a co-founder of the entertainment company NELK, the Canadian content creator Kule Foregeard achieved fame. On July 12, 1994, Kyle was born in Mississauga, Ontario. He has Rick and Gayle as parents.

When he was younger, he and his closest friends were constantly in search of new ways to have fun. Kyle has appeared in further films besides Ask Vale Movie and Internet Son. As soon as he graduated from college, he decided to pursue his ambition of working for the NELK corporation.

Second, only Lusa Gararn is the third member of this group. He was born on November 30, 1995, in Greater Sudbury, Canada. Both he and his pal Kyle were keen to have some traditional fun. In high school, he and his friends exchanged a large number of jokes.

Jesse Sebastiani became a household name due to pranksters NELK. In addition, he is an actor, a social media personality, and a YouTube celebrity who resides in Canada. Sebastiani was born in Orangeville on 27 June 1993 and raised in Canada. The NELK was able to reach new heights of success due to his capacity to bestow rank upon others.

Milk Boys Profession

After the release of “Coke Prank on Cops” in January 2015, the NELK Boys’ career took a significant turn. In a video, they claimed to have cocaine in the trunk of their car to confuse the authorities. This increased their fame. The police mistook Coca-Cola for cocaine when they were on the case.


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After uploading the hoax video to YouTube, it quickly went viral and currently has over 48 million views.

After posting a notice advising against making jokes about the law, the Los Angeles Police Department was ultimately forced to issue an arrest warrant.

In May of this year, Kyle, Lusa, and Jesse’s social media following increased. Then, Kyle added Stephen DeLorenzo to the group.

Kyle was interested in Stephen Deleonardis’ drinking and smoking challenges and prank films because he desired to establish his company as one of the most recognisable companies. After years of development, Salim Sirur and Jay, Sirur’s cousins, will join the Nelk in February 2020.

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Honors and Accomplishments

They do not wish to reveal any honours or accomplishments at this time. According to the company’s data, both YouTube and Instagram have 4.5 million subscribers and 2.9 million followers on their respective channels.

Encounters with Nelk’s Boys

When NELK held a flash mob at the University of Illinois State in September 2020 for COVID-19, they managed to create even more trouble and controversy for themselves. There were perhaps 200 individuals present.

The Police Department conducted an investigation into the neck because he violated COVID-19 norms by gathering a big number of folks. At that time, YouTube stopped allowing them to earn money from their YouTube channel, causing them significant trouble.

Shortly thereafter, the team was observed once more at a New Jersey house where they had gathered over 1,500 individuals. The renter of the rental residence was NELK. The Seaside Heights police discovered them and promptly shut down the party. In direct response, the landlord evicted the Nelk lads, and eight of their supporters were arrested.

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Milk Boy’s fortune

According to current projections, NL’s net worth should reach $3 million by 2022. The estimated market value of oy is $3 million. Since they are all so young, they are strongly urged to earn a lot of money rapidly. Due to their online presence, numerous individuals were pranked and amused.

NELK In the United States, the three young boys who make up the Soys group are well-known for their free-spirited personality and amusing advertisements.

In addition to their humorous advertising, the three young men that make up the Soys videography production company are known for their nonconformist attitudes. Having a strong sense of humour has helped them attract a large fan base.

Personal Life

Regarding their personal life, Nelk Boys are renowned for their candour and expressiveness. The most significant member of the band, Kyle Forgeard, is currently single.


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Similar to Salim, Jason, and Lucas, it appears that they are all currently single. On the other side, Stevewilldoit’s current relationship with his girlfriend Celina Smith is doing quite well. @nelkboys is the official Instagram account for the YouTube channel, which has 4.3 million subscribers as of this writing.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Who Are the Nelk Residents?

Members. “Cousin Jay” (Arthur Kulik) and “SexyGabe” (Gabriel Poncio), together with Stephen Deleonardis, Salim Sirur, and Aaron “Steiny” Steinberg, are among the band’s regulars (Jordan Nwanne). Austin Ermes, the director of content, is a Canadian filmmaker.

How much do Nelk boys make each year?

Unique designs make their clothing brand uncommon. Mike Malak, a close friend of NELK Boys and co-host for Laugan Paul, disclosed that the group earned $4 million per drop, or $48 million year.

How did Nelk achieve fame?

The NELK Boys made their notoriety on YouTube by putting themselves in the most humiliating conditions possible to impress their fans by pranking unsuspecting members of the public. They were barely breaking even at the time and relied on the generosity of their fans to support their cross-country tours.

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