Narco-Saints Season 2: When Would Season 2 Be Released?


Narco-Saints, a new Korean Netflix show, is now available to watch. It’s about an entrepreneur who gets framed by a drug lord and has no choice but to help the National Intelligence Service with a case.

He has to go on a secret mission to catch Jeon Yo-hwan, a Korean drug lord who has taken over the South American country of Suriname, which is on the northeastern Atlantic coast.

Now that all six episodes are out and people are watching them all at once, the question is whether or not there will be more of this exciting show.

So, has Narco-Saints been given a new order, and can we look forward to more episodes? Read on to find out everything you need to know about a possible second season of Narco-Saints.

Will There Be a Narco-Saints Season 2?

Narco-Saints might come back for a second season, but it’s not clear yet because Netflix hasn’t given the drama a new order. But since it just came out on the streaming service, that’s not surprising, and there’s still time for it to say something about the show’s future.

Narco-Saints Season 2

Since the show is based on real events, the question will be whether the creators think there is more to this story or if there is another story to tell under the same name. We’ll keep this page up-to-date as new information comes in about a confirmation either way.

What Might Happen in Season 2 of Narco-Saints?

The first season of Narco-Saints is based on a true story that may have been inspired by the life of Cho Bong Haeng, who ran a drug organization in Suriname.

That means the plot of a possible second season would probably have to be based on real events. So, the plot would depend on whether there is more of the real story to tell or if Netflix can take the characters in a different direction.

When Would Narco-Saints Season 2 Be Released?

Since Narco-Saints hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet, it’s hard to say when the second season will be on Netflix.

We think that a new season could come out at the earliest in a year, which would mean that new episodes could come out in the early fall of 2023(according to radiotimes).

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We’ll keep this page up-to-date as soon as we learn something new.

Who Would Be Back in the Cast for Narco-Saints Season 2?

Without any confirmation, it’s hard to say at this point who would be back for a second season of Narco-Saints. The following people played the main roles in the first season, but it’s not clear if any of them will be back for more.

Narco-Saints Season 2

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of Narco-Saints?

Narco-Saints hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet, so there’s no trailer yet. We’ll keep this page up-to-date whenever we get access to new footage.

For now, you can watch the season 1 trailer right here to remember all the drama and action that happened in the first six episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Narco-saints a True Story?

Narco-Saints came out all over the world last week. It is loosely based on real events from the early 2000s. The show, called Suriname in Korea, is about a regular businessman who risks his life to join a secret mission to catch a Korean drug lord who is running a business in the Latin American country.

Will There Be a Narco-saints Season 2?

Even though the first season doesn’t end on a cliffhanger and the story is wrapped up well, a second season is still likely. Even though there isn’t an official date yet, the new season is likely to be on Netflix by the end of 2023.

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