My Father’s Dragon: What We Know About the Story, Cast, Release Date, and More


The Secret of Kells, The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea, and Wolfwalkers, all of which won awards, was made by Cartoon Saloon, which is thought to be the best animation studio for feature-length films.

This company, which has won an Academy Award, is back with a brand-new project that deserves another nomination. The fantasy adventure movie My Father’s Dragon is based on Ruth Stiles Gannett’s 1948 book of the same name for kids.

Nora Twomey is in charge of the movie, which was made by Netflix Animation, Mockingbird Pictures, Parallel Films, and Cartoon Saloon. Since its big debut at the 66th BFI London Film Festival on October 8, 2022, there have been many reviews from critics.

They say that the movie is very ambitious and full of real surprises that will keep people of all ages interested. So, here is everything we know about the upcoming animated movie My Father’s Dragon.

What is The Plot of My Father’s Dragon?

The trailer for the upcoming children’s adventure movie focuses on Elmer, a young boy who is played by the father of the un-seen narrator. It tells about his childhood adventures. Elmer and his mother used to live in a small village, but because of things that were out of their control, they had to move to a city with many industries. Elmer’s life takes an unexpected turn when his mother chases a cat out of an alley.

My Father's Dragon

As Elmer copies his mother and chases the cat, he comes across a short passage that takes him to a different world. From where he came, he can see an island where the animals are desperately trying to stay alive as the island sinks by capturing a dragon named Boris. Elmer decides to save the baby dragon after he sees it in a cage, but he gets pulled into a more dangerous and exciting adventure.

My Father’s Dragon Release Date

The movie was supposed to come out in November 2021, but the production company moved it up because of some problems. But Netflix has confirmed that the 2D animated feature film My Father’s Dragon will come out on November 11, 2022, as part of the fall 2022 releases.

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Cartoon Saloon has never made a bad animated movie, and it goes without saying that My Father’s Dragon is breathtakingly beautiful. The drawings do a good job of showing how the characters feel, and the 2D animation gives us a break from all the 3D animated movies. The movie could be the best 2D animated movie of the year, since it just got a 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes when it first came out.

Who is the Cast & Crew of My Father’s Dragon?

The characters in the animated movie do what they do because of the work of the artists, animators, and voice actors. Jacob Trembley voices the main character, Elmer Elevator. Gaten Matarazzo voices Boris the dragon.

Golshifteh Farahani voices Elmer’s mother, Dela Elevator. Judy Greer voices Soda the whale, Leighton Meester voices Sasha the tiger, Whoopi Goldberg voices a cat.

Jackie Earle Haley voices Tamir the tarsier. Chris O’Dowd (Slumberland) voices Kwan the On the other hand, the people who worked on the film were the most important part of this great project. Here is a list of the main people on the production team that you should know about.

My Father's Dragon

Nora Twomey, who helped start the animation studio Cartoon Saloon, is in charge of directing the movie, and she has already said what she thinks about the cast and crew:

“This movie was made by actors, animators, and artists at Cartoon Saloon and Mockingbird Pictures.

It was based on an amazing book by Ruth Stiles Gannett. We came together because we wanted to tell a unique story about friendship, adventure, and real bravery.

As a child, I fell in love with stories, and Netflix does a great job of celebrating all kinds of stories with different styles and voices.

Before we even had a script, Netflix got involved with this movie to push us to make the best movie we could.

The people on our team made a beautiful animated lens to look through, and I can’t wait to show it to people all over the world.”

Meg LeFauve, who was up for Best Screenplay at the Oscars for Inside Out, wrote the script, and Jeff and Mychael Danna, who have won many music awards, wrote the music. Richie Cody, who was the main editor for Woflwalkers and The Breadwinner, is back for this animated movie. Amy Lippens, on the other hand, is responsible for choosing the great cast.

My Father’s Dragon Trailer

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