Muha Meds Carts Fake or Real 2022: 6 Warning Signs of a Fraud Muha Medication Cart?


We have been tracking the Muha Meds brand of THC vape cartridges on the illicit market for some time. Unlike 99.9% of counterfeit products on the market, there appears to be an unknown party behind this company that takes offence at being termed “black market.”

You may recall that we already showed beyond a reasonable doubt that the Muha Meds cart brand is widely imitated. We discovered 27 domain domains claiming to be Muha Meds, an endless number of merchants on social media, and empty Muha Meds packaging being offered on all cart supplier websites. Someone responded to that post by stating, (1) They are represented by the law firm “Pot Brothers at Law,” and (2) their licence situation would be resolved eventually.

As a follow-up, we drew attention to numerous other questionable parts of the Muha Meds brand, such as a false vendor bust, an issue around their purported lab tests, and the emergence of a Reddit meme.

Now that you’re caught up on previous episodes, here’s the newest campfire gossip:

Muha Meds Asserts a Michigan Licence.

The transition from California to Michigan should not surprise regular readers. There have been several exceedingly questionable enforcement and regulation occurrences in Michigan.

We begin with Muha Meds’s purported “official” Instagram page. There are other other Instagram profiles and websites claiming to be Muha Meds, but for the time being, let’s accept this one as the “genuine” one. It is a closed account consisting of nothing except this:

Even though they depart the city stating “Los Angeles, California,” the licence they are carrying is for Michigan. Then, let’s proceed to our convenient state-by-state licence check resource (love that page, use it myself all the time). There is indeed a listing for recreational licences in Michigan.


They are a cannabis processor. There is even a listing for them in this PDF report of Michigan licences. They are located near the bottom, just above “Anonymous LLC.”

Except for the fact that the name on this licence is “Michigan Investments 10 Inc.”

Great! Consequently, Who is “Michigan Investments 10 Inc.”?

This other name, “Anonymous LLC,” demonstrates how a company licence holder might create a smokescreen. The name “Michigan Investments” is not quite as ambiguous, but it may just as easily be. We do see, praise be, an address listing, so let’s investigate…
This solitary grassland road is the solution to all our problems. Finally, we shall meet Muha Meds!

Huh. This does not quite function as anticipated. There are a McDonald’s/Shell station, a cheese shop, and typical Midwestern trees and bushes. There is a store/dispensary for Essence Medical Supply at 758 E. Pinconning, however that’s the incorrect address, they have a separate licence, and we don’t foresee a processing facility occurring there either.

As it stands, this does not reveal much. Any address may be used by the licencing agency as a point of contact. Typically, though, this is either (a) a private apartment or (b) an office suite. This is a McDonald’s field.

We Are Able to Confirm “Michigan Investments 10 Inc.”

It is simple to check any incorporated business. Simply visit any corporate index, such as, and you will find a listing for this corporation. Their mailing address is SUITE A, 108 S MAIN ST, ROYAL OAK, MI 48067, which does not provide much information. Finally, we discover a listing at MichiganCorporates, where the registered address is 33 BLOOMFIELD HILLS PARKWAY SUITE 100 BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI 48304. That is a corporate business park, at least.

Okay, sure, something with that name exists, but we’ve located another mailbox. Regardless, the “official” Muha Meds website now provides cartridges with lab tests that indicate “Michigan Investments 10 Inc.” as the testing agent. Each of these links can be found on the products page. The tests are conducted in the Viridis laboratories and are referred to by the cartridge flavours rather than the Muha Meds brand.


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What We Do Not Yet Know:

Initially, Muha Meds began operations in California. Someone purporting to represent the company gave us the runaround when we attempted to obtain a licence in Long Beach, California. What occurred to all of that? How did this Michigan business come to own them?

In addition, there is no evidence that Michigan Investments 10 Inc knows Muha Meds from Adam. There is no website for the company; just business listings exist. Michael K. Khalil, an attorney with a boutique law office (their words, not mine!) who has hundreds of other companies listed under the same name, is the registered agent for Michigan Investments 10 LLC.

There is something else. Muha Meds’ shop locator page appears to indicate that their brand is offered at EXACTLY ONE dispensary chain, Joyology. Four out of five of their menus do not list Muha Meds. They are available in the Center Line shop.

At last. This day has been anticipated for two years, ever since we first heard about this annoying brand.


Yes, five for $100 is a great deal. Using a stock image? There are millions of images of the Muha Meds logo on cart packaging websites, so why couldn’t they just yoink a picture from DHGate?

I’ll tell you where we obtain Muha Meds daily:

Reddit thread for fake carts. With a constant flow of people asking about them everywhere. One appears in the screenshot from a Floridian reporting the mythical “plug from California.” Every day, we see rubber-banded bundles of Muha Meds flashing on every social media site in every state. We are well aware that not all of them are from Center Line, Michigan.


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In Conclusion, Vape All You Want, but We Will Never Trust a Muha Meds Vape!

For every story we tell you about this brand, around 10 others are occurring in the background. We have witnessed so many slippery, evasive manoeuvres by Muha Meds and caught them in so many lies that the brand has lost all credibility, even if it had a licence carved in stone and signed by the Supreme Being.

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