Ms. Marvel’s Lead Actress Talks About the Show’s Second Season.


The newcomer Iman Vellani did a great job bringing Jersey City teen Kamala Khan to life in the Marvel series Ms. Marvel, which just ended on Disney+. In Kamala’s first season, she gets a mysterious bangle that gives her superhuman powers.

Khan didn’t have to wait long, though, before he was thrown right into a fight with an old group called the Clandestines. Kamala made it through the first season without getting hurt, but in a scene after the credits, she switched places with her idol, Carol Danvers.

That will be a bigger part of the story when Kamala shows up in The Marvels. Even though her solo show is popular, it hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet.

Season 2 Prospects Are Discussed by Iman Vellani.

Iman Vellani, the star of Disney’s smash MCU television series Ms. Marvel, was questioned about the possibility of a second season during an interview with Deadline at the Disney D23 Expo in California. The young star said this while beaming and shaking her head:

What have you heard? They offer me no information. Therefore, you won’t hear anything. Hopefully. Yes, we should launch a petition or something.

Ms. Marvel Season 2

Vellani previously talked about the plots she’d like to see if the show were renewed, drawing comparisons to the first part of Peter Parker’s journey.

It would be entertaining to see Kamala following her altercation with her idol in ‘The Marvels. It’s comparable to what Spider-Man had through when he returned to his familiar neighborhood after battling alongside the Avengers in “Civil War.”

The Ms. Marvel director, Adil El Arbi, also provided the following remark regarding components he’d want to see included in a potential Season 2. He made sure to state his desire for “more chaos.”

“We’ll wait and see. If they ask us to make a feature or a movie, we’d love to include more animation, more insanity, and manga scenes featuring her abilities and other things. That is the aim.

Also adding, “And certainly, try if we can add some X-Men flavor to it,” was his co-director Bilal Fallah.

Will Season 2 of Ms. Marvel Be Released?

Ms. Marvel’s first season was a big hit, so it makes sense that Marvel Studios would want to make another one. There are a few things that could be causing the delay, though.

Feige and his team may wait until The Marvels comes out in theaters next year before making any official plans to continue Kamala’s solo story.

Ms. Marvel Season 2

Or maybe something bad happens to her in the movie that keeps her from coming back for another season. She might get stuck in space or stay with her hero Captain Marvel for more adventures in space.

With the notable exception of Loki, none of the live-action MCU Disney+ shows have been officially renewed as of yet. Fans still can’t wait for news about Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and the show She: Hulk Attorney at Law, which is currently airing.

Ms. Marvel Season 1 is now available in its entirety on Disney+, and Kamala will be seen next in The Marvels, which will be released in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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