Most Powerful Dc Characters: Do Youknow These Chracters

There are a lot of powerful characters in the DC Universe, like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They walk the streets and fly the skies, fighting equally powerful supervillains to protect the people of the world. Every character has a unique set of skills and abilities that make them metahuman, but which one is the strongest? Who are the DC characters who are so strong they could punch the moon or time itself out of the sky?

We have a list for that, though! Here is our list of the 15 most powerful characters in the DC Universe, in order.

15. Fate, the Doctor

Doctor Fate has an advantage over most DC heroes and villains because he knows how to use magic, which is a power set that many of them don’t have. Kent Nelson, the son of archaeologist Sven Nelson and one of the first people to join the Justice Society of America, was the first Doctor Fate.

most powerful dc characters

Kent’s change into Doctor Fate gave him the ability to cast spells, become invulnerable, fly, have superhuman strength, create force fields, heal, do pyrokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, teleport, and become immaterial.

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In the DC Universe, magic users aren’t nearly as common as the “traditional” spandex-wearing superheroes that come to mind. This makes Doctor Fate’s impressive set of skills both a novelty and a force that few can match.

14. Shazam

Shazam was first introduced in December 1939 in Whiz Comics #2. He was called “Captain Marvel” at first (cover dated 1940). Since then, he has grown into one of DC’s most powerful and well-known heroes.

most powerful dc characters

Billy Batson, who is only a teenager, has the power of Shazam. By saying one word, he changes into “the world’s mightiest mortal.” Shazam, you guessed it.Zachary Levi played him on the big screen in the 2019 movie Shazam!, and he will do it again in the upcoming movie Shazam! The anger of the gods.

13. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is not DC’s strongest character by a long shot. She is on this list, though, not just because of who she is, but also because of what she has been through and what she stands for.Wonder Woman shows that a world without deadly conflict is possible. She stands for the power of love and kindness, which can help rid the world of hate and arrogance.

most powerful dc characters

We have to think about how strong that symbol is because she stands for such strong idealistic (but good-hearted and hopeful) things. And because what she stands for is powerful in and of itself, Wonder Woman has to be on this list.

12. Darkseid

Darkseid is the most dangerous enemy of the Justice League for a number of clear reasons. He shoots laser beams that go back and forth from his eyes. He has a huge army of scary (but disposable) servants. He rules Apokolips, a sphere of hell, with a stone fist. The League wants to protect innocent people, but he wants to rule the whole universe.

Yes, there are some bad guys on this list who are stronger than Darkseid. But Darkseid has shown that he can beat the entire Justice League, so I would be wrong not to include him.

most powerful dc characters

Lex Luthor is the leader of the Justice League.

The best thing about Lex Luthor is how smart he is. Bruce Wayne is the only one who can match his intelligence, wit, and cleverness. Luthor isn’t as strong as Darkseid or as smart as Brainiac. He does, however, have access, information, and resources.

Even on a battlefield that spans the universe, the comics show over and over that people are very smart and should not be underestimated. Luthor has all of these things and even more. He can fight gods and other cosmic beings because he knows how to play the power game. He knows what his enemies want and how to use this knowledge to get what he wants from them.

Luthor is on this list because he is the smartest and most powerful person in the DC Universe. I don’t know what else would make him powerful. Also, in a recent Justice League story, Luthor joined forces with Perpetua and became stronger than he had ever been. So, that’s it.

10. Superman

The Man of Steel is an obvious choice for this list, but not just for the reasons you already know. Superman’s will is just as strong as his punch, which lets him fight forces much stronger than himself. He gets all of his strength from the sun, which shines on Earth.

Most people know that Superman’s biggest flaw is that he can’t stand up to Kryptonite. He also doesn’t have any special protection against magic, which makes it dangerous for him to anger people like Doctor Fate and Felix Faust.

most powerful dc characters

Aside from these weak spots, though, Superman can’t be hurt by almost anything his enemies throw at him. It’s hard to find a better Justice League member than the Man of Steel.

9. Eclipso

Eclipso is currently wreaking havoc in Blue Valley, Nebraska on the CW’s Stargirl, but his evil stretches back to the Silver Age of Comics. He first appeared in 1963’s House of Secrets #61, debuting as an evil entity who takes the scientist Bruce Gordon as his host. He has taken many hosts, but his power remains nearly unmatched.

most powerful dc characters

A final note for this entry: It will be interesting to see whether Courtney Whitmore and her new JSA can stop Eclipso, or if he sticks around for that confirmed third season.

8. Doctor Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan’s power was pretty evident in Watchmen, but it wasn’t until the DC Comics event Doomsday Clock that readers realised just how strong he is. He can tamper with reality whenever and however he wants, as the aforementioned event series proved.

most powerful dc characters

Manhattan’s former name was Doctor Jon Osterman, a celebrated nuclear physicist who became a god-like being following a botched particle test. He abandoned Earth some time after his transformation, amassing more power and solidifying himself as one of DC’s most formidable beings.

7. The Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor is a piece of work. The antithesis of his brother, the Monitor, he controls the Antimatter Universe. He helped kickstart the Crisis on Infinite Earths, created an army of lightning-throwing troops aptly called the Thunderers, and pops up frequently to cause trouble for the heroes of Earth.

most powerful dc characters

The Anti-Monitor is probably the strongest of Perpetua’s children, which is frightening considering just how strong they all are. He has the ability to end reality as we know it, but that seems to be a common thing among DC’s most powerful players.

6. Perpetua

Perpetua is a newer addition to the DC Universe. Like The Batman Who Laughs, she has not appeared onscreen yet but will likely be brought back for a future adaptation. Imprisoned for aeons in the Source Wall, Perpetua breaks free and begins rallying her forces (which include a powered-up Lex Luthor) to fight the Justice League and set her ancient plot into motion.

most powerful dc characters

Not only did Perpetua create the Multiverse, but she also mothered the absurdly powerful Monitor, Anti-Monitor, and World Forger. She is a member of The Hand, a group of cosmic entities tasked with creating universes. She’s a being of incomprehensible might, one who could only really be bested by someone like The Darkest Knight.

5. The Spectre

When Eclipso was cast from Heaven, the Spectre took his place as the embodiment of God’s wrath. The Spectre has taken many hosts, with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan being the most recognizable.

The character debuted back in 1940’s More Fun Comics #52 before undergoing a number of transformations.

most powerful dc characters

But despite the many host changes he has made over the years, The Spectre as a force is nearly unstoppable. As an extension of God’s fury, it is his duty to carry out vengeance as his master sees fit.

4. The Darkest Knight

During the final act of Dark Nights: Death Metal, The Batman Who Laughs becomes The Darkest Knight. He traps Perpetua in rock and crushes her, completing his transformation into the universe’s most imminent threat – and the Justice League’s biggest headache.

most powerful dc characters

He’s an omnipotent force for evil and a being of staggering physical and mental prowess. We haven’t seen The Darkest Knight/The Batman Who Laughs onscreen just yet, but considering DC’s increased output of animated movies, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an eye out in that sphere.

3. Superman Prime

Think Superman, but stronger, faster, etc. Superman Prime is Supes from the future with a twist: he lived inside Earth’s sun for 15,000 years and became a hero of unstoppable might.

most powerful dc characters

It’s said that Superman Prime had the ability to transcend time and space, eventually travelling to Heaven, Hell, and other places beyond human comprehension.

2. Elaine Belloc

Elaine Belloc is the successor to the throne of Heaven. The daughter of Michael Demiurgos, she boasts powers of atomic manipulation, magic, immortality, omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. She is one of the strongest inhabitants of the DC Universe, second only to The Presence.

most powerful dc characters

Compared to other characters on this list, Elaine is a newer addition to DC canon. She first appeared in Lucifer #4 (September 2000) and has quickly climbed the ranks of DC’s most formidable characters. She gains even more power after Fenris the Wolf kills her father, effectively making her the ruler of Heaven after the Presence departs.

1. The Presence

This entry is a bit unfair, but the internet will eat me alive if I don’t include it. The Presence is DC’s version of the Abrahamic interpretation of God, a peerless figure who gives some of DC’s strongest characters their powers. He is spoken of more often than he is seen, which I suppose is appropriate.

most powerful dc characters

He gave the Spectre his powers, created the DC Universe, and performed other feats that only the creator of existence could. The Presence is second to none, so naturally he needed to claim the top spot here.

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