Most Famous Male Comedians (US): Do You the Top Ten Comedians ?

These stand-up comedians get the most laughs, whether they’re talking about fatherhood, race relations, the American Dream, or nothing at all. Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby may have become famous because of TV, and Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy may have become famous because of movies, but at their core, they are all stand-up comedians. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 male stand-up comedians of all time. For this list, we chose stand-up comedians who helped define and perfect the art form. Special thanks to CanadianDH and Miroljub Milisavljevic, who came up with the idea and put it on our Suggestions

Top 10 Male Stand-Up Comedians

These men get the biggest laughs. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 male stand-up comedians.

For this list, we chose stand-up comedians who helped define and perfect the art form.

#10 – Louis C.K.

most famous male comedians (US)

Louis C.K. is the most famous name in stand-up comedy right now. He knows how to balance quality with quantity. Louis built his reputation in the ’90s by writing for shows like “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

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But when he became a father, he really found his down-to-earth, razor-sharp comedic voice. Since then, he’s dominated and transformed the art form with a stand-up-based TV series and by changing the way people consume comedy.

#9 – Chris Rock

Chris Rock’s lackluster time on “Saturday Night Live” and average film career don’t change the fact that he is the best stand-up comedian in the world. He has shown himself to be smart, bold, and often the voice of reason in America through his HBO specials.

most famous male comedians (US)

Rock isn’t afraid to talk about controversial political issues. He also talks about love, music, relationships, and, you guessed it, race in his sometimes controversial and N-word-filled style.

#8 – Eddie Murphy

It’s hard to remember how exciting and funny Murphy was in the early 1980s after decades of mediocre family movies. Eddie Murphy’s time on “Saturday Night Live” and his movies made him famous, but it was his 1983 concert “Delirious” that showed who he really was.

most famous male comedians (US)

It was one of the best stand-up films ever made, and Murphy was only 22 when it came out. It was rude, politically incorrect, and full of impersonations.

#7 – Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld is so good at observational comedy that he has become a symbol of the style. He may be the most honest comedian on our list. Seinfeld became the highest-paid comedian in the world without using curse words or sexually explicit material.

most famous male comedians (US)

He made “nothing” funny and became the “master of his domain.” He may have become well-known as a star of a sitcom, but stand-up comedy has always been in his blood.

#6–Robin Williams

Julliard educated and coke-fuelled for the first part of his career, Williams riffed his way to the top of the renowned Comedy Store in the 1970s, before breaking big on “Mork and Mindy.” Williams is a master at talking in a stream-of-consciousness style and doing impressions.

most famous male comedians (US)

No one beats Williams’ quick wit, improv abilities and versatility, and because of his wide-ranging themes, no one beats him in universality either.

#5 – Bill Hicks

Since he died of pancreatic cancer at age 32, which cut short his career, Hicks never got as famous as the other comedians on this list.

most famous male comedians (US)

But, his legend and legacy have grown as his social critiques on the stupidity of daily American life have remained relevant. Though his material got him in trouble at times, Hicks is the smart, honest and nearly-forgotten genius of stand-up.

 #4–Bill Cosby

While his peers used their soapboxes for risqué routines, Cosby’s stories about growing up in Philadelphia, getting married, and becoming a father painted a clean but funny picture of American life.

most famous male comedians (US)

Cosby proved that there is universal comedy without swearing, using the N-word, or talking about race. This is why his TV shows are so popular. Through his stand-up, he became the Nation’s fatherly voice, which is hard to imitate.

#3–Lenny Bruce

After starting out as a cleaner, Bruce broke down barriers in comedy and changed it forever. His act mixed sex, politics, and religion at a time when people didn’t talk about sex, politics, and religion together.

most famous male comedians (US)

Bruce had trouble with the law for the rest of his life, and he was charged with obscenity more than once. However, his legacy opened the door for the next two comedians on this list.

#2– Richard Pryor

Pryor made money. He turned his own experiences into deep truths about the human condition. His profane and colorful looks at race and racism reached a wide audience.

most famous male comedians (US)


By, as Bill Cosby once said, “drawing the line between comedy and tragedy as thin as one could paint it,” Richard Pryor became both a counterculture icon and a mainstream success who influenced everyone who came after him.

#1– George Carlin

If Bill Cosby is America’s fatherly voice, then George Carlin was America’s rough uncle. Pryor made a lot of money, but Carlin was a workhorse. Every year, he threw away an hour of material and started over, which is quite an achievement for someone whose career lasted over fifty years.

most famous male comedians (US)

Carlin was another comedian who pushed the limits way past the breaking point. He made it his job to break down language, the status quo, and everyday life, and in the process he became the best stand-up comedian ever.

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Do you agree with our list or not? Who would be in your top ten list of stand-up comics? Tell us, and check out for more great top 10 lists.

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