Most Cute Anime Character: Why People Say Them Scary ?

Most anime characters have certain traits, like being cute, wild, determined, scary, charming, and so on. But some characters are able to show two sides of themselves that are usually very different from each other. Most of the time, cute characters wear colours like bubblegum pink and speak in sweet voices.

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When anime characters play scary characters, they will give you the creeps or be seen as someone you shouldn’t mess with. Some anime characters can dance gracefully on the line between good and bad. These characters are both adorable and scary at the same time.

10: Shiro’s Childlike Amazement Is Just a Show (Deadman Wonderland)

Shiro’s actions in Deadman Wonderland are like those of a child. When she sees a death race, she jumps in with joy because she might get to eat a red bean bun if she wins. She cheers and talks in a way that reminds me of children’s songs. She does not care about her safety and laughs and smiles when things are bad.

most cute anime character

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Shiro helps Ganta because she thinks he is weak, but she is also the “Red Man” that Ganta has been searching for. One minute, her life is all about making red bean buns, and the next, it’s all about killing people.

9 Mikasa Has A Softer Demeanor Among Her Friends (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa from Attack on Titan usually fights with her ODM gear blazing, but when she’s not fighting, she’s a different person. After seeing her kill enemies who were 12 times taller than her, she calms down and almost seems innocent around her friends.

most cute anime character
When Eren saves Mikasa, flashbacks show that she killed her kidnapper when she was a child. Eren then put a scarf around her whole head. This scarf was very important to her, and she always wore it around her neck. On a personal level, she is strong but also has a soft side.

8 Touka Cares About the People She Loves (Tokyo Ghoul)

Touka from Tokyo Ghoul is tough, and fighting her is no laughing matter. As a ghoul, her life is hard and sad, which gives her a tough exterior, but she can also be kind. She loves her human friend Yoriko very much and will do anything for her, even eat food made by humans. Hinami also shows this side of being sweet and cute.

most cute anime character

When Touka is in a role that requires her to care for others, she stops being scary and becomes a sweetheart. She gets nervous when people say nice things about her.

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This gives her an extra cuteness point.

7 Misa Is A Model & A Maniac (Death Note)

Misa Amane from Death Note looks cute with her gothic-lolita style. Even the name of her band, Misa Misa, is cute. She seems kind and helpful to her friends and family, but her help for Kira is not as innocent and sweet as it seems.

most cute anime character
Misa acts like a yandere because she will do anything for the person she loves. This is Light Yagami, by the way. She has killed a lot of people and given up a lot of her own life to help Kira. She has done all of this with a smile, knowing she has done everything for the sake of her love.

6: Yuno’s Love Makes Her Do Crazy Things (Future Diary)

Yuno from the show Future Diary is a typical example of a cute character. She is also a good student and has pink hair and a cute face. When she is chosen for the survival game, she turns into a merciless killer who kills anyone who gets in her or her beloved Yuki’s way.

most cute anime character

Yuno doesn’t care about people’s lives if they get in the way of her goals or make things hard for her beloved Yuki. The lives of people are not one of her top priorities.

5: Lucy Lives Between Being Cute and Being Mean (Elfen Lied)

In the first scene of Elfen Lied, soldiers in a heavily guarded facility start killing each other. This violence is caused by a person named “Lucy” who wears a helmet.

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When she comes back to life and Kota finds her, she can only say the word “Nyu,” which becomes the name of her cute personality.

most cute anime character

Due to trauma, most people agree that Lucy has a personality disorder that makes her have two different selves. One is cruel and mean, while the other is kind and good. In one form, she can kill a whole army by herself, but in the other, she can barely dress herself.

4: Kaede Kayano Hides Pain Behind a Sweet Appearance (Assassination Classroom)

In the second season of Assassination Classroom, Kaede Kayano went from being a casual and friendly main character to a scary and powerful one. She acted like a normal student around her classmates, but she had strong tentacles hidden under her hair and behind her neck.

most cute anime character

The tentacles on Kaede were like those on Koro Sensei, and they made her a very powerful person. In Assassination Classroom, tentacles that aren’t taken care of cause the person holding them a lot of pain. She was good at hiding her pain, and when she fought Koro Sensei, she was able to hold her own.

3 Sugar Looks Innocent, but It Can Do Terrible Things (One Piece)

Sugar from One Piece ate a Devil Fruit, which gives her the power to turn people into toys while still looking like a childlike sweetheart. The Hobi Hobi no Mi fruit gives her the power to make toys out of living things.

most cute anime character

Once Sugar changes a person or creature, everyone who knew that person or creature forgets about them. Because of these abilities, Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates couldn’t do without her. As she eats a lot of grapes, she looks like a child, so she can get away with a lot more.

2: Nui Harime Is Made to Look Like a Typical Cute but Wild Animal (Kill La Kill)

In Kill La Kill, Nui Harime is the perfect example of a kawaii character. She wears a pink lolita dress and twin drill pigtails that are way too big. Her attitude starts out sweet and happy, but it quickly turns dark.

most cute anime character

Nui is a good fighter and a cold-blooded killer with a lot of drive. Since she was made by fusing life fibres together, she is faster and stronger than the average person. She also has quick reflexes.

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When she loses her arms, her madness gets worse, and this super cute character turns into a scary one.

1 Nezuko Is Cute Until She Has to Look Out for Someone (Demon Slayer)

Nezuko from the show Demon Slayer is both cute and fierce. She has big, bright pink eyes. She can get small enough to fit in a small box. Some fans even think that the bamboo muzzle makes her even cuter.

most cute anime character

But Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc showed that Nezuko is a fighter with a strong will who can stand on her own. She came out in full demon form, and there’s no question that she is fearless and scary. Her blood demon art has reached a higher level, and her determination to protect the people she cares about brings out a different side of her.

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