Moss: Book II – More Details Are Here About The Upcoming Game!

Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II will return to the stage in a few weeks, and its secrets will be revealed one by one

As a result of the PlayStation Indies, we received a slew of new information about Moss: Book II, which was detailed in a lengthy article on the Playstation Blog website. Immersion, level design, and gameplay are all important considerations when creating a video game experience.

Improved realism with PlayStation VR in Moss: Book II

To give an example, we learn that immersion will be at the heart of the experience, perhaps more than it has been in the past. Already in the first episode, the player was established as a vital component of the adventure and the universe; Quill responded to our actions and could even interact with us on a personal level in some instances.

Moss: Book II

We weren’t just a bystander; we were also a major player in the world of softball at one point.
According to Polyarc, the release of Moss 2 has heightened the intensity of this sensation. The result is that our little companion will be able to recognize and interact with us in new ways, and a slew of new features, many of which are technical in nature, will be integrated even further into the experience. Aside from that, Quill will be granted access to a wide range of animations and intelligent behaviors, allowing it to become more alive than it was before.

The group relied on a command script to create and embed animations within the scenes they were working on. Achieving interactive gameplay is made possible through the combination of gameplay logic, which is achieved by chaining animations together with previously established gameplay logic. When you walk past candle flames, they flicker and move, and when you run your hands through grass or ferns, they become cloudy, and when you touch water, it becomes cloudy.

Creating a game that incorporates multiple universes and multidimensional levels is a challenging undertaking

Additionally, according to its creators, the sensations of giantism and miniaturization that were present in the first installment have been reinforced. Consequently, the levels in Moss: Book II will be more expansive and interconnected, resulting in a more cohesive experience. With the player’s stature being further diminished, Quill will appear even more intimidating than he was previously. According to the studio, the ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ portion of the film has been beefed up significantly.

Moss: Book II

The progression of the game will also see a greater emphasis placed on puzzles, platforming, and exploration in addition to other elements. As well as returning to previously visited locations and even discovering them from a different perspective in order to unearth secrets that were not visible during your first visit, it will also be possible to explore new locations. The ability to extend one’s lifespan, but perhaps more importantly, the ability to allow the player to feel free and mobile, is a significant benefit of this technology.

It remains to be seen whether or not all of the promises will be fulfilled, but in any case, we have fond memories of the first installment of the trilogy. According to Moss’s side of the story, Book II will be released this spring on PSVR and, possibly, PCVR as well—who knows.

Final Words

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