Monsters at Work Season 2: What Is it’s Voice Cast, Release Date and Storyline ?


The anime show Monsters at Work is made by Bobs Gannaway. The comedy-drama starts up again with the sweet Mike and Sulley, who are now leading their company through a middle phase.

Monsters at Work’s Second Season’s Voice Actors

Mike Wazowski is the Senior Co-President of Monsters in “Monsters at Work.” Billy Crystal gave Mike Wazowski his voice.

  • In the same way, John Goodman is here to give James P. Sullivan a voice.
  • Monsters is run by James P. Sullivan, who is the CEO.
  • And the rest of the people who speak are:
  • To Tylor Tuskmon, from Ben Feldman
  • Val Little from Mindy Kaling
  • Henry Winkler to Fritz
  • To Duncan P. Anderson, from Lucas Neff
  • Alanna Ubach Katherine Sterna
  • Ms. Flint, Bonnie Hunt
  • John Ratzenberger to Yeti and Bernard Tuskmon
  • Millie Tuskmon from Aisha Tyler are more likely to come back. Also, if the new season happens, a few of the new voice producers might join the mix.

Monsters at Work Season 2

The Storyline of Monsters at Work’s Second Season

In the first season of Monsters at Work, Tyler, a Scare Major graduate, starts working at Monsters. The company is going to start using laugh powder, which makes Tyler’s skills useless.

Then Tyler starts to learn what comedy really is and decides to learn more, become a comedian, and know what comedy is all about.

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He wants to work with Mike and Sulley because they are his heroes. In the last episode of the season, Tyler finally gets recognized as a comedian and is moved to the Laugh Floor. People are saying that Monsters at Work Season 2 might have a new theme. Tyler faces new problems now that he is a comedian.

Boo will come back and meet up with Sulley again. As Boo comes in, the way Mike and Sulley are moving starts to change.

Information About When Season 2 of Monsters at Work Will Be Out.

On July 7, 2021, the first season of Monsters at Work came out on Disney+. It had 10 episodes, each of which was 22 to 24 minutes long.

The last episode of this season will air on September 1, 2021. As for a hire purchase two, neither the people who made the show nor the studio that owns it have said anything official about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Monsters at Work Season 2

Is the show Monsters at Work over?

No, Monsters at Work is still going on.

Does Netflix have Monsters at Work?

We don’t keep track of when Netflix shows come out. You can use NetflixSchedule to find out if Monsters at Work is on Netflix.

How many seasons are there of Monsters at Work?

Monsters at Work has one season as of June 2022.

When can I watch Monsters at Work?

Monsters at Work is on Disney+ at 3 AM ET/12 AM PT. You can also find out what time Monsters at Work starts in different parts of the world. You can stream the series now if you have a Disney+ plan.

Will Monsters at Work have a second season?

We don’t know anything about the next season yet. We’ll change this page whenever there are new things to say.

When did Monsters at Work come out for the first time?

The first day Monsters at Work came out was Friday, July 2, 2021.

Who can watch Monsters at Work?

Monsters at Work has a TV-G rating, which means that everyone can watch it. It has very little or no violence, bad language, or sexual situations or dialogue.

Writing of Monsters at Work Season 2

Anderson says that Pixar helped the show’s creators by giving them notes during the writing and early storyboarding stages to “keep them on track as far as the project’s legacy.” He also said that the series would be different from the movies because it would go deeper into “different parts of Monsters, Inc.” and show how the company changed from scaring people to making them laugh, which was shown at the end of the first movie.

Anderson also said that the show would have a main plot, but that some episodes would focus more on character growth than on the main plot.

Monsters at Work Season 2

The role of the women in the original movie is expanded in the series. For example, receptionist Celia Mae is promoted to Laugh Floor supervisor to “move a female character up into a leadership role.” The series also shows trainer Ms. Flint’s reaction to the change from scares to laughter.

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Roz’s twin sister, Roze, is a new character in the series. The producers thought that since Roz was revealed to be the head of the “Child Detection Agency” at the end of the first movie, “she wouldn’t be back outside the laugh floor.” Bob Peterson, who was in charge of the stories for Monsters, Inc., is also a creative consultant for the series.

Drawing and Animation of Characters

The animation for the show was made in Canada by ICON Creative Studio. The animation work on the show started just before Disney Television Animation had to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that the show’s producers had to keep working from home.

Director Stephen J. Anderson said that work on the storyboards and layouts for the second and third episodes was done from a distance while the pandemic was going on.

Season 1 Comes Out

Monsters at Work started on July 7, 2021. It has 10 episodes that come out every Wednesday.

Monsters at Work Season 2

It was supposed to come out in 2020, but then the date was moved to early 2021, then to July 2, 2021, and finally to the date it has now, with a two-episode premiere.

Summary of  Article

A Monsters, Inc. series that takes place 6 months after the movie and is about how the monsters get their energy from the laughter of children instead of their screams.

You can also go to the official website and IMDb page for Monsters at Work. You can also watch the season 2 trailer for Monsters at Work on YouTube.

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