Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear!: Is It Worth Watching Or Not?

Michela Giraud: The Truth I Swear! is a new Netflix special in which the renowned Italian stand-up comedian recounts her hilarious life events in front of an audience.

The show was released on April 6, 2022, and it lasted approximately 60 minutes. The show is directed by Vittorio Antonacci and features original Italian audio with English subtitles, originating from the Vinile period in Rome.

Who Exactly Is Michela Giraud?

Michela Giraud is a well-known Italian stand-up comedian who began her career in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence for her role in the parody television series Colorado.

Numerous appearances on television programmes and viral videos of her stand-up comedy on YouTube helped extend her popularity. She received the Satire Award for Best Stand-Up Comedian in 2020.

The Truth: Society’s Self-Deprecating Reflection

The episode begins with a brief introduction of the opening music, followed by Michela Giraud discussing her dispute with Demi Lovato’s followers when she came out as non-binary. Michela never expected she would receive death threats from a user named “cutiepie337” after a harmless joke that she didn’t believe would spark a Twitter frenzy.

Moving on from her antagonist’s success, a large chunk of her programme focuses on being a woman in this world who is not stick-thin. Michela Giraud abhors the term “beautiful.”

To her, the word exhilarating sounds like a beast that is about to plunder everyone’s freezers. Shopping is a nightmare in which you are thrust into the “thrilling zone” and the trial room mirrors undermine your self-esteem.

She laughs that women are similar to a piece of cardboard due to the fact that they are continually referred to as “extreme” when they accomplish anything usual for male partners. Men, on the other hand, are not rescued; she asserts that white straight men are now a marginalised group and speaks of the infamous digital broadcasts by such men who consider women to be second-class citizens.

I Swear!: It’s All About Childhood

Due to the fact that Michela Giraud will be discussing her life history in her stand-up show, you do not need to have extensive knowledge of her to discuss her stand-up performance. Born in 1987 in North Rome to a middle-class Catholic family, she will inevitably develop anxiety, panic attacks, Catholic guilt, and a sense of imminent destruction (woah).

She confesses that the reason she cannot manage her newly discovered renown is because of her family’s adage, “fear the god.” The absurdity of religious teachings that instruct us not to laud our pleasures excessively lest God see us and punish us.

Obviously, given the upheaval and devastation on the earth, being pleased with a perfect math grade is a fair explanation for destruction.

The nicest thing about Michela Giraud is her ability to effortlessly transition from one topic to the next while maintaining the thread from the previous one. Her perspective on growing up with controlling parents and an Asperger’s-afflicted sibling is a sitcom premise.

In fact, even after acquiring fame, she is still not acknowledged by her parents, who are persistently attempting to secure her a post as a security monitor at the exhibition hall.

Final Thoughts: to Stream or Not to Stream?

It is tough to evaluate satirical stand-up comedy when you are captivated by the performer. The Netflix special Michela Giraud: The Truth I Swear! will make you laugh and you will learn a great deal about the life of an overweight Roman girl growing up in the 1990s.

The show’s title stays unchanged, and it explores unexpected issues such as fame, family, and self-awareness in connection to generalisations.

The jokes are not comprised of a few unusual words, but rather a single topic that runs throughout the entire programme, which is Michela Giraud herself. She is the point of convergence for the show’s hypocrisy-free humour and incisive self-awareness, both of which stem from her captivating, authentic stories.

Michela Giraud is an exceptional comedian with harsh comedy. Michela Giraud began appearing in clubs throughout Italy in 2015. She is arguably the most recognised professional Italian comedian.

Due to his witty and scathing humour, she made her television debut in the parody show Colorado that same year. In 2017, she was essential to the cast of Saverio Raimondo’s satirical late-night show CCN – Comedy Central News. In 2018, she joined the cast of Girls’ TV – The States General, a reimagining of an authentic Italian television faction.


Who Is Her Boyfriend and What Does She Do for a Living?

Michela Giraud is the undisputed protagonist of the first edition of Lol-what laughs’ identity, which is available on Prima Video, and she has a very amazing career. After obtaining her diploma as a performer in 2014, the very pleasant Roman quickly began to make her way in the world.

In addition, she never ever stopped in the future. Presently, with Michelle Hunziker in her prime time on Canale 5, Giraud is one of the most adored faces in all of Italy.

How Has Her Career Evolved?

A profession that includes theatre, radio, film, and television. Professional cartoonist as a primary occupation, but also a contributor to Green mice, Those who football, and Challenge 4.

It also participates in the new season of Girls’ TV – The States General 1988-2018, which airs on Rai 3 and Rai 2.

Then again, he made his presentation at the theatre in 2016 with Babysitters by Francesco Mandelliand and before the epidemic with the performance starring Michela Giraud and other animals. Then there’s Il Salotto with Michela Giraudon on Sky, and Once upon a time… there was love on Real Time, which assists couples in distress.


Netflix swears Michela Giraud is telling the truth. There professional comedy Italiana is the protagonist of the new special, which will be available in all 190 countries where the service is functioning beginning on April 6. This is what to expect from the new stage production.

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Michela Giraud recounts the facts of one episode from the Vinyl era in Rome while standing erect, alone, in front of her audience. It has continuously been recognised by its solid and modest perspective. In this special produced by DAZZLE, Michela confronts existential problems with incredible self-irony, as well as the mirror of an entire generation, while keeping faithful to the smallest common denominator: herself.

Stories of reality, childhood and her relationship with her sister, youth, adapting to popularity, life generalisations, and how they might be distinguished.

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