Master P’s Daughter Tytyana Miller Cause of Death Revealed: Let’s Look at Her Biography, Career, and More!


Tytyana Miller, an actress and reality star, appeared on the WeTV show Growing Up Hip Hop alongside her father, Master P. Throughout her time on the show, the rapper’s daughter spoke openly about her struggles with mental health and substance abuse. Many reality television viewers soon praised her candour and the love she shared with her eight siblings.

Master P revealed on Instagram on May 29, 2022 that Tytyana had passed away at age 29. Romeo Miller, her brother, also confirmed the news on his social media accounts. “Our family’s grief over the loss of my little sister Tytyana is overwhelming,” he wrote. “We respectfully request privacy so our family can grieve in peace.”

“We appreciate all the prayers, love, and support, and although these are sad times, I will be eternally grateful for the memories I shared with my incredible sister,” he continued. “Enjoy your loved ones, for life is brief.”

Since Tytyana’s death, rumours have circulated about what transpired. Master P revealed Tytyana’s cause of death and his plans to honour her memory in July 2022.

What Caused Tytyana Miller’s Death?

TMZ was the first to report that drug paraphernalia was discovered at the scene of Tytyana’s death, although no actual drugs were present. Tytyana may have already consumed a lethal substance, according to the news source, but the toxicology report will take weeks to provide results.

Master P confirmed in an interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings that Tytyana died of an accidental overdose. After nearly a decade of drug addiction, the CEO of No Limit stated that his daughter was attempting to get “on the right track” prior to her death. He also stated that before her death, Tytyana was writing a book about her mental health issues.

Master P commented, “It’s difficult.” “Coming from where I come, from poverty, you’d think you’d outlive your children, and that was the goal. Going to my daughter’s funeral makes me feel as if I attended my own funeral.”

What Occurred With Tyyana Miller?

Today, Miller died, and her father, Master P, expressed his sorrow on social media. He has written about the dire situation in which Master and his family currently find themselves. Additionally, he recently lost his beloved daughter Tatyana, and he requests that their privacy be respected.


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Additionally, Master’s family desires to be kept apprised of the current situation so that they may mourn this tragic occurrence. He is also grateful for the love, prayers, and support of all of his followers and loved ones. He has addressed the true issue surrounding her daughter’s death.

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How Did Tytyana Miller Die?

Master also referred to his daughter as Tata, a lovely name. According to him, his daughter died due to mental health issues and substance abuse. However, he has not disclosed the substance that his daughter abused.


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Romeo, Tytana’s brother, has also written a blog post about his sister’s death. He has expressed his condolences for his deceased sister. On the other hand, Romeo is thrilled that Juliet’s memories will be preserved forever. He stated that she is at peace and doing well in heaven.

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Master P Desires to Honour Tytyana’s Memory by Transforming His Suffering Into Passion.

Master P also revealed how he intends to preserve Tytyana’s memory. He stated on CBS Mornings that he chose to act so that other families would not experience the same tragedy.

“I will transform my suffering into passion,” he declared. “Since I can’t get my daughter back, I’m going to make it my mission,” he continued. “I love her and think about her every day, and it took me and my family going through something that I can’t stop thinking about, but I’ve realised that I need to help and save other children.”

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