Mase Net Worth: Why Is He Retiring from His Music Career?


Mase is a Jacksonville, Florida-born American rapper, composer, and clergyman with a $8 million net worth as of 2022. After releasing his first studio album, Harlem World, in 1996, Mase became well-known.

The Recording Industry Association of America awarded the album quadruple platinum certification in recognition of its enormous popularity. Harlem World also received a Grammy Award nomination after that.

The rapper followed up on the success by releasing two additional gold-certified albums, Double Up (1999) and Welcome Back (2000). (2004). The rapper Mase is most known for being Sean “Diddy” Combs’ favourite sidekick.

He joined Bad Boy Records after a string of well-liked guest duets with other musicians. Mase had already achieved stardom when his debut album, “Harlem World,” was released. Mase had six Billboard Hot 100 singles before he released his debut album.

In total, Mase has put out three studio albums, 22 tracks, and ten featured artist performances. He left Gangster Rap in 1999 and started out as a Christian rapper. Mase eventually resigned from BadBoy Records and took up ministry.

Mase Early Life

On the 27th of August 1975, in Jacksonville, Florida, Mason Durell Betha was born. He wouldn’t remain there for long, though, as his family moved to Harlem, New York, in 1982, when he was only 5 years old. He was brought up by his parents, P.K. Betha and Mason “Father Lucky” Betha.

Mase Net Worth

Mase was brought back to Florida to live with his extended family when he was 13 years old due to worries that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd in New York City. He began attending church after returning home and was residing with his relatives at the time. Mason grew raised with five siblings, including Stason Betha, his identical twin sister.

Mase Education

After returning to New York City two years later, Mase started rapping for the first time with teammates from his high school basketball team, including Cameron Giles, who went on to become an artist.

He played on that squad and was well enough to receive a State University of New York scholarship. Mase graduated from Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in 1994 before this.

Mase chose to pursue his actual passion, rap music, rather than a career in the NBA. Mase started developing beats, playing at local bars, and creating demo recordings as a result of his subpar basketball performances.

Mase Early Music

He joined a rap group called Children of the Corn under the moniker Murda Mase, but it quickly disbanded after one of its members was killed in a vehicle accident. Mase then went solo and began cultivating his network of contacts within the emerging hip-hop culture in New York City.

Mase visited Atlanta for a music convention in 1996 with the intention of expanding the Network by collaborating with Jermaine Dupree. Instead of Jermaine, however, he met Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, who after hearing Mase rap, signed him to hais Bad Boy Label.

Mase made his début with Puff Daddy’s remix of Only You, after which he quickly rose to prominence as one of Bad Boy’s most frequent guest rappers on songs like “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” and “Been Around the World.” He even had a guest appearance on Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, the number one smash song by Notorious B.I.G.

Mase Career Success

Mase released his first studio album, “Harlem World,” in 1997. It was an instant hit and spent the next two weeks at the top of the Billboard Charts. It’s true that the reviews weren’t exactly positive; at one point, Mase was said to as the luckiest inexperienced sidekick since ED McMohen.


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Because of successful hits like Feel So Good (with Kelly Price) and What You Want, the album Harlem World was a tremendous success and went platinum four times (ft. Total).

Mase gained notoriety the next year for all the wrong reasons. He was taken into custody in New York City on suspicion of disorderly behaviour, more precisely, soliciting a prostitute.

He had, however, moved on and founded his own rap group, also called Harlem World, by the end of that year. In 1999, the group as a whole issued The Movement, an album. Mase then turned his attention to his follow-up album, Double Up, which was destined to become an even bigger hit.

Mase shocked the world by declaring that he was leaving the music industry to pursue his new profession in the Ministry shortly after the project was finished but before it was published. Additionally, he declined to use live performances to promote Double Up and instead limited his interviews to our project.

Debuting at number 11 on the Billboard Charts in the summer of 1999, the album Double Up swiftly vanished after its official release. Mase established his own record company, All Out Records, before the album’s debut in 1998.

Mase Acting Work

In addition to all of that, Mase had the chance to make guest appearances on shows like All That and All Of Us.

Mase starred alongside a large cast, including Kevin James, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Hudson, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, and many others in the 2017 comedy Sandy Wexler on Netflix.

Mase Net Worth

Mase’s net worth is anticipated to be over $8 million as of 2022. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the rapper’s music career brought in a sizable amount of money. Mase rose to prominence in the music industry as a result of his debut studio album, Harlem World. When the album was first released in 1997, it was an instant success and brought in over $4,300,000.

Later in 1999, after releasing his second album Double Up, which earned more than $514 thousand after selling more than 107,000 copies in its first week of release, he had a resurgence in popularity.

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Mase has been able to amass a sizable wealth from the selling of albums, live performances, and collaborations, as well as through running his own record label, RichFish Records.

Mase’s third studio album, Welcome Back, was released after a five-year hiatus from the music industry. This album was even more successful than the previous two, earning over $525,000 in sales. Mase also has a YouTube channel with the same name and more than 50k subscribers.

Mase Personal Life

Mase and Twyla Betha were married in the year 2001. The couple welcomed their two children during the course of their partnership.

Mase Net Worth

The couple separated in 2012, and their divorce was finally formalised in Atlanta two years later.

Why Is He Retiring from His Music Career?

Following that, Mase worked closely with Inner City Youth and rose to fame as a preacher on the religious circuit. In 2001, he himself published Revelations: There’s a Light After the Lime. Mase took a five-year hiatus from music and enrolled at Clark Atlanta University in order to seek the priesthood.

El Elyon International Church, located in Atlanta, is now led by Mase as its pastor. Mase also had no intention of preaching for the remainder of his natural life. He missed working in the music business, but in 2004 he made a comeback with a brand-new album, Welcome Back. On its route to selling more than 500 thousand copies, it debuted at number 4.

That was more in keeping with the lacklustre response to his second album compared to the enormous success of his debut. It looked to be more or less business as usual between Puffy and Mase after he returned to the music. Even though their collaboration may not be as strong as it once was, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

He took a vacation from the music industry in 2007 following Michael Jackson’s passing; he made a comeback in 2009. He began making cameo appearances in a number of hits, including Best I Ever Had, Get It, and Uptown Boy. When Mase finally decided to leave the Bad Boy Label, it was the year 2012.


Why Was Mase a Priest?

Killa Cam claims that Ma$e, who was also known as Murda Ma$e before he became successful in the mainstream, decided to become a preacher because of the dangers of rapid success and the threat of violence. You know what, I’mma just start saying I’m in church, Ma$e remarked.

Why Did Mace Stop Rapping?

Mase announced his retirement from music on April 20, 1999, during an interview with Funkmaster Flex on New York radio station Hot 97. He said he was doing it to follow a “calling from God.” He stated that he left to find God in his heart and follow him, claiming that he was “guiding individuals, friends, kids, and others down a path to damnation.”

When Did Mace Become a Pastor?

Please join us in welcome Pastor Mason Betha as our new leader! Mase famously left the hip-hop scene in 1999 to follow a divine calling. Mase then completed his education at Clark Atlanta University and was ordained as a minister.

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