Marshmello Face Reveal: Marshmello Isn’t the First Dj to Don a Mask!


While marshmallows are often associated with hot chocolate, another Marshmello is associated with a large helmet and numerous celebrities. One is a delectable treat, while the other is a DJ who has worked with well-known musicians like Selena Gomez while yet keeping a low profile. In addition to using an alias to hide his real identity, Marshmello also wears a massive marshmallow-shaped helmet to conceal his face from the outside world.

Since the beginning of his career, fans have been anxious to see Marshmello without a helmet, but if he has anything to say about it, the item will not be removed. He’s even gone so far as to deceive followers by having well-known acquaintances wear his signature accessory on several occasions. There is, however, one hopeful possibility regarding his identity, and if it is accurate, then we are aware of his genuine appearance. Read on to find out for yourself.

Marshmello Face Reveal

Marshmello Has Played with Fans’ Emotions Before

In 2016, “Marshmello” counted down for the audience at EDC Las Vegas before removing his helmet to a roar of applause. But it wasn’t him, really. Tiesto, a fellow DJ, was donning the square-shaped face cover instead. Marshmello posted the Tiesto video to his own YouTube profile with the caption “Marshmello FINALLY exposes himself at EDC Las Vegas 2016,” further teasing everyone.

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Marshmello (kind of) explained the helmet in a tweet in August 2017: “Because I don’t need or want fame, I don’t remove my helmet. I honestly want to produce something inspiring that people can relate to.” “The helmet makes me marshmello and also makes you marshmello…we are all marshmello,” he continued in a subsequent post. So maybe just hold a mirror up to yourself and look in it to see what Marshmello really looks like? Hey, it might be worthwhile.

Will the Real Marshmello Please Stand Up?

Marshmello got the Best EDM/Dance Artist honour at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in August 2018. Fans assumed he entered the stage wearing his trademark helmet and an all-white attire. Once more, the mask was removed to reveal Shawn Mendes, a Canadian musician, underneath. No one is ever upset to see Mendes, but, come on, this is yet another instance in which Marshmello intentionally misled fans’ emotions.

Will Ferrell confirmed he is Marshmello in a video he shot earlier that same year. The Step Brothers actor said as he removed the square helmet, “It is indeed me. Marshmello here. It has always been me.” Unfortunately, that isn’t entirely accurate, but at least the entertaining video gave Marshmello fans some information about his impending concert dates.

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There’s a Theory That Mashmello May Be Another Artist

There is a far more compelling notion out there now that Tiesto, Shawn Mendes, and Will Ferrell have all been eliminated from the list of Marshmello’s potential identities. Chris Comstock, a DJ who goes by the stage name Dotcom, is who Forbes claims is Marshmello. Skrillex referring to Marshmello as “Chris” and Dotcom and Marshmello allegedly sharing the same leg tattoo were two examples of the proof used by the magazine in November 2017. They also compared data from the BMI database, which tracks music royalties, and came to the conclusion that Comstock and Marshmello are the same individual. When questioned by Forbes about his identity, Marshmello’s attorney and agent chose not to respond, maintaining a small amount of the mystery.

Even Chipotle has joined the conjecture game. Marshmello tweeted a photo of himself in January 2018 along with the remark, “Dreaming of the day when guac is no longer an extra at chipotle.” “Dreaming of the day when we find out if Marshmello is really also Dotcom,” the fast food business retorted. [Insert side-eye emoji]

You can see Comstock/face Dotcom’s if Marshmello is the real deal. However, part of the enjoyment is in not being able to be certain and in anticipating whose celebrity will appear in the helmet next.

Marshmello Face Reveal

Marshmello Isn’t the First Dj to Don a Mask

With collaborations with everyone from Logic to Bastille to Bollywood composer Pritam, via The Statesman, it’s safe to say that Marshmello has become extremely popular in recent years. Each song seems to solidify the DJ in the ethos of not only electronic dance music (EDM), but the music industry as a whole. Of course, his enormous marshmallow-inspired helmet, which is a key component of his recognisable image and serves to shield him from unwelcome publicity, also helps to establish his distinctive brand.

But Marshmello isn’t the first or, most likely, the last EDM DJ to wear a mask. In fact, DJs in the mid-’80s used “a variety of anonymized aliases” to conceal their identities, according to Vice, which “distinguished electronic music performers from their counterparts in genres like hip-hop and alternative rock.” This practise is almost as old as the genre of EDM itself. DJ Vanessa Daou stated to the media “It was crucial to have that sense of privacy. You were reluctant to learn that person’s identity. All you wanted to do was feel it.”

Other EDM DJs, such Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and, of course, Marshmello, have followed the tradition of disguising oneself. According to Vice, Marshmello has actually reduced the popularity of high-tech headgear by adopting a “back-to-basics approach.”

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