Maisie Williams Net Worth: Are She and Sophie Turner Friends?

Maisie Williams, known professionally as Maisie Williams, is an English actor. She made her acting debut in 2011 as Arya Stark in the epic medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. Williams was nominated for two Emmy Awards and achieved international recognition as a consequence of her work on the show. In this piece, we will discuss Maisie Williams’ net worth.

Williams has also appeared in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, the British docudrama television film Cyberbully (2015), and the British science-fiction teen thriller film IBoy. Cammie MacCloud is another American animated web series in which she has performed the voice.

Early Life

On the 15th of April, 1997, Margaret Constance Williams was brought into the world in Bristol, England. She was reared by her mother and stepfather in a council house after her parents got a divorce when she was just four months old.

Maisie Williams net worth

The council house was where they lived (the UK equivalent of a housing project). Although Maisie’s mother held a job as a university course supervisor when Maisie was a little girl, she eventually quit that profession to devote herself full-time to assisting Williams in her pursuit of a career in acting. Williams is Maisie’s daughter.

Margaret was given the nickname “Maisie” when she was young and was active in a variety of dance-related activities throughout this time, including musical theatre, ballet, gymnastics, and many more. Her initial objective was to establish a career as a dancer on a professional level. She had to drop out of secondary school at the age of 14 due to the growing renown she was receiving from her role as an upcoming actor in “Game of Thrones.”


At the age of twelve, Maisie got her start in the entertainment industry when she was chosen to play Arya Stark in the pilot episode of “Game of Thrones.” After that, she firmly established herself as a remarkable young actor by portraying one of the most engaging characters in the series.

Williams was a pivotal figure in the episode “The Long Night,” which included the longest fighting sequence in the history of cinema and television, and she was responsible for doing the majority of her own stunts and fight scenes while the show was on the air. Williams finally made an appearance in each and every one of “Game of Thrones'” eight seasons.

Her performance as Arya Stark has garnered Maisie a lot of positive feedback from the reviewers. She was not only a nominee for a large number of prizes but also took home a lot of them.

Maisie Williams net worth

Critics were quick to point out that she had entered the world of entertainment with almost no acting experience, and that her rise to fame was the result of her exceptional talents and undeniable acting instincts. However, her rise to fame was the result of her exceptional talents and undeniable acting instincts. Arya rose to prominence as a top contender for the position of most popular baby name in the United States in the year 2012.

Brand Endorsements

Over the course of her career, Maisie Williams has accrued a number of brand sponsorships, which have provided her with a considerable revenue boost. She was featured in a commercial for Audi that aired at the Super Bowl of 2020. During the same year, she was also featured in an advertisement for the Macbook range produced by Apple. To round off a fruitful year, 2020, Maisie was also selected to become a new brand ambassador for the luxury jewellery house Cartier.

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In the year 2021, she was appointed by H&M to the post of global sustainability ambassador. However, this turned out to be a poor choice for Williams, as she was subjected to criticism as a result of H&M’s lack of dedication to the cause of global sustainability. Some individuals even went so far as to suggest that H&M and Williams were engaging in “greenwashing.”

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Daisy Chain Productions was the name Williams gave to the newly founded production company that she established in 2016. The production firm primarily works on feature films, short films, and television drama series that are set in the United Kingdom. In 2018, Williams established her own social media application under the name Daisie.

Maisie Williams net worth

This app is intended to facilitate the beginning stages of an artist’s career by providing them with a venue through which they may connect with projects and exhibit their work. In 2019, she was successful in raising $2.5 million for Daisie’s startup funding. By the beginning of 2019, approximately 100,000 users have signed up for Daisie accounts.

Are Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Friends?

Williams and Turner explained that they celebrate their friendship in the same way that many people celebrate their wedding anniversary. Williams mentioned in an interview with Elle that they prefer to remember the day that brought them together. And they had it tattooed on their arms to remember it forever.

Game of Thrones Salary

Maisie Williams‘ salary for each episode of “Game of Thrones” peaked at over $150,000 while the show was at its peak. Because there are typically ten episodes in each season, this translates to earnings of approximately $1.5 million every season on average.

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What Is Maisie Williams’ Net Worth?

According to celebrity net worth, Maisie Williams is a well-known dancer and actress from England who possesses a net worth of $6 million. Williams is likely best recognised for her role as Arya Stark on the incredibly successful television series “Game of Thrones.” She began playing the role of the series’ lead character in 2011 and remained in that role until the series’ conclusion in 2019.

Williams got widespread appreciation from reviewers as a consequence of her performances, and she was nominated for two Emmy Awards as a result of these nominations.

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