Lynette Romero Net Worth 2022: Does Lynette Romero Run Her Own Eatery?


In the United States, Lynette Romero is a journalist and television personality. She was born and reared in Denver, Colorado, in the United States, where she won an Emmy. Romero is currently employed as both an anchor and a reporter for the KTLA 5 Morning News. When Lynette first arrived in Los Angeles in January 1999, she was working as a general assignment reporter for KTLA.

Childhood of Lynette Romero

Lynette Romero was born in Colorado on February 2, 1967. Romero obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in both journalism and broadcast news from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In January of 1999, Lynette joined KTLA as a general assignment reporter.

During her first year with the station, she was awarded the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California’s highest honour, the Golden Mike Award, for her work on the KTLA News series “Public Schools: Working the System.” The remarkable tenure of Lynette at KTLA covers nearly two decades.


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Lynette is active in both the Hispanic Journalists National Association and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Advisory Board at the University of Colorado.

She is now teaching an anchoring and reporting course for UCLA Extension. The majority of her free time is spent delivering speeches and making public appearances at local institutions for government-related activities.

What Constituted the Start of Her Career?

Romero was employed by KTLA as a general assignment reporter in January of 1999. She won the Golden Mike Award in her first year at KTLA for creating and reporting the series “Public Schools: Working the System” for the news division.


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From August 2000 until October 2004, Romero co-anchored “KTLA Prime News.” In 2006, her reporting on “Access L.A. – The Latino Experience” and the five-part series “From Farm to Fork” earned her a local Emmy and a Golden Mike Award.

Romero worked as a news anchor and reporter for eleven years at KUSA-TV in Denver before moving to KTLA. She also covered news for KVUE-TV, the Austin, Texas affiliate of KUSA-TV, for almost a year. In addition, she is an instructor at UCLA Extension who teaches a programme on reporting and anchoring.

She is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and is on the advisory board of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado.

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Worth of Lynette Romero

With her knowledge, Lynette Romero amassed a substantial wealth. She has appeared in episodes of Making It! Minority Success Stories, The West Wing, Angel, Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America, Lincoln Heights, Weed, Real Rob, etc., and she is presently KTLA’s most prominent correspondent. By 2022, Lynette Romero has amassed between $1 and $2 million in net worth.


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Who is Her Husband?

Her husband is David Angulo, the man who genuinely completes her. In January 1994, the two met for the first time at the University of Guadalajara, where they were both enrolled in a five-week intensive Spanish language course.

They have been together for a while before to their wedding on July 11, 2003. They became parents for the first time on August 2, 2005, to a girl called Olia. The irresistibly adorable family of three lives in Los Angeles.

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Does Lynette Romero Own a Restaurant?

Her family owns and operates Jimboy’s Tacos in Huntington Beach, which Lynette Romero just toured us around. Her and her husband David own and operate this franchise location, as well as others in Irvine and Brea.

After 24 years of operating many Taco Bell locations in Southern California, David was ready to diversify his business. When they learned of the opportunity, he and Lynette were enthusiastic about beginning a family business and extending Jimboy’s into the Southern California market.

Lynette claims that dining at this taqueria after a day at the beach is the perfect way to unwind. They offer a variety of cuisines prepared with fresh ingredients.

Awards Awarded to Her

During her stint at KTLA, she and her new colleagues received another Golden Mike Award, this time for the finest 60-minute evening programme. In addition, she has earned a regional Emmy for outstanding feature news coverage.

In 2006, Lynette’s work as a reporter/anchor for the show “Access L.A. -The Latino Experience” got her a Golden Mike and a local Emmy Award, and her work as a reporter and producer for the five-part series “From Farm to Fork” garnered her a second local Emmy.

Prior to joining KTLA, she spent the preceding decade as a news anchor and reporter for KUSA-TV in Denver. She also reported from Austin, Texas for KVUE-TV, a sister station of KUSA-TV, for over a year.

Lynette’s assignments while stationed in Denver included the siege of Waco, the 1993 papal visit, and the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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Why Did She Depart From KTLA?

KTLA’s official Twitter account sent a tweet regarding Lynette on September 14, 2022. After nearly 24 years with KTLA, “our Lynette Romero has opted to pursue new opportunities,” according to the business. Please accept our best wishes as Lynette begins a new stage in her life.

Sam Rubin, her former co-anchor, wishes her well and expresses his regret at her departure in the additional video.

The comments of Twitter users reflect broad bewilderment about what is occurring. One user expressed surprise that she had not been honoured with a farewell performance after all these years. Numerous observers have called into question the reality of the events.

Immediately upon the announcement of Lynette’s departure, KTLA removed her biography from the news team’s website. What she intends to do next is unknown, as she has provided no information. And her Instagram account offers no hints about what the future may hold.

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