Love Like Falling Petals Release Date: When It Will Be Premiere In 2022?


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Regarding Love Like Falling Petals

Love Like the Falling Petals is a 2022 Japanese romantic drama film directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa and penned by Keisuke Uyama and Tomoko Yoshida. The Stars Kento Nakajima and Honoka Matsumoto. It was released on Netflix on March 24, 2022.

The technical crew consists of directors of music, cinematographers, and editors. Continue reading to learn more about Love Like Falling Petals.

Love Like Falling Petals Factualities

  • Yoshihiro Fukasawa serves as the director.
  • Written by Keisuke Uyama Tomoko Yoshida
  • Starring Kento Nakajima Honoka Matsumoto
  • Toho Studios productions distributed by Netflix
  • Date of release: March 24, 2022
  • Time: 128 minutes Place: Japan Language: Japanese

Love Like The Falling Petals Cast

  • Kento Nakajima – Haruto Asakura Honoka Matsumoto – Misaki Ariake
  • Kento Nagayama – Takashi Ariake
  • Yuki Sakurai – Ayano Yoshino
  • Shuntaro Yanagi – Kenzo Takanashi
  • Yumi Wakatsuki – Makoto Ichikawa
  • Jun Kaname – Doctor Kamya Hidekazu Mashima – Manager Tsuji Mitsuhiro Oikawa – Kyosuke Sawai

The Love Like Falling Petals Plan

The plot revolves around the two main characters, Haruto, an aspiring photographer, and Misaki, an accomplished hairstylist. Haruto falls in love with her at first sight. Haruto conceals the truth and introduces himself as a photographer after Misaki reveals he is her first client.

Haruto, who has become her regular customer, asks her out on a date. While getting his hair cut, he attempts to ask, but he is unable to because he moves his head and directs her to cut his earlobe.

A few days later, Misaki apologises to Haruto for what she did. Haruto does not give up and finally asks her out on a date after deciding to attempt it one more time. Misaki says yes.

They finally visit the cherry blossoms on their date. Haruto then admits he lied about his photography skills. As a result, Misaki advises him not to abandon his passion and to pursue a career in photography. Haruto is attentive to her counsel. He is hired by a photography studio.

The couple continues to go out and begin spending time together. Haruto and Misaki’s sweet love is abruptly shattered when everything seems to be going as planned. What is your opinion? What occurs next?

Misaki discovers that she has progeroid syndrome, a condition that causes her to age extremely rapidly. This causes her to terminate Haruto. She quits her job as a hairdresser. She begins pretending to be with another person and working elsewhere. It breaks the heart of Haruto. He attempts to proceed by concentrating on his work.

Misaki and her brother undergo electromagnetic therapy administered by an outside clinic. Unfortunately, it was revealed that the therapy was a sham and that the clinic was defrauding hopeful patients. Nothing works out, and her disease continues to accelerate her ageing. She abandons all hope in life.

Like the Falling Petals of Love

During her final days, Misaki searches for Haruto at the studio. She still has one season remaining, but she makes every effort to see Haruto one last time. When she discovers Haruto’s photography career, she sends him a letter expressing her delight that he pursued photography. However, he reads this letter after his final encounter with Misaki.

When Misaki visits the studio, it breaks my heart to see her collapse from exhaustion. Haruto helps her to her feet and inquires, “Are you okay, ma’am?” Unfortunately, he does not recognise her during her final days, but Misaki does get one last glimpse of her lover.

Trailer for Love Like the Falling Petals

Here is the Love like the falling petals trailer. If you have not yet seen the film, we are confident that this trailer will convince you to do so.

Where Can I Stream Love Like Falling Petals?

Like The Falling Petals is a Netflix programme that is readily accessible on Netflix. Currently, it is available on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.

Does Love Like Falling Petals Have a Sad Ending?

Like falling petals, love reaches an emotional conclusion. Haruto continues to pursue a career in photography and takes photographs precisely as she desired. Haruto was constantly reminded of Misaki by the cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. It makes him think of her.

Is There a Love Story Comparable to Falling Petals?

The author of the novel is Keisuke Uyama.

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