love is blind season 2 : Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!


You have a date with your couch, so clear your schedule. Love is blind is making a comeback after a two-year hiatus. When it originally aired in February 2020, the hit Netflix dating show slash “social experiment” took over the Internet, just a month before non-IRL dating transformed from a novel concept to a nationwide reality.

We’re very excited to see how things will work out with a new cast of singles now that the world has shifted. For those who missed the first season’s craze, Love is blind pairs up a group of unmarried people who are ready to marry and has them date each other blind.

The participants converse through an opaque wall for several hours from the comfort of their pods. If they connect, they’ll be able to see each other… after they’ve gotten engaged. The couples have a month from the time they meet to determine if they want to marry or go their separate ways.

love is blind season 2 : Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

They first go on a vacation together, then return to their hometowns—last season, Atlanta; this season, Chicago—where the couples meet each other’s families and plan for the wedding. It’s up to each participant to say “I do” or walk away once they’re standing up there on their wedding day.

When Will the Second Season of ‘love Is Blind’ Be Released?

Love is Blind Season 2 debuted on Netflix on February 11, just in time for the show’s two-year anniversary (and Valentine’s Day, I suppose). With the premiere, the first five episodes will be released, followed by four more on February 18 and the finale on February 25, 2022.

Is There a Trailer for Season 2 of ‘love Is Blind’?

Yes! The complete teaser, which was published a day after the cast was announced, shows some of the singles who find love dealing with life outside the pods, and it appears that neither the tropical holiday nor the transition back to reality will be easy.

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On their way to the altar, the couples will face disapproving parents, religious differences, and each other’s great expectations, as shown in brief snippets. Also, did we just catch a glimpse of a bride-on-the-run? This is going to be a big deal.

Season 2 of Love Is Blind Cast?

Veterinarian Abhishek Shake.Aja, you’re a paralegal. Brandon is an insurance agent. Brian is an ad strategist.
Medical Software Sales, Caitlin Chassidy is an entrepreneur. Danielle is a Marketing Associate Director.
Deepti is a data (information) analyst.

Haseeb is an attorney. Sales Manager, I wish you luck.Iyanna is the coordinator of the program. James “Joey”, Business Strategy Consultant.Jarrette is the project manager for this project. Jason works as a flight attendant.
Jeremy is a director and a business owner. Clinical Therapist Juhie.

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Julius is in charge of logistics. Client Service Manager, KaraGlazier, Kyle. Mallory is the Communications Manager for the company. Natalie is a consultant. Nick is the Vice President of Product Marketing. Olivia is a Recruitment Consultant. Rocky is the CEO.

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What Happened in the First Season of ‘love Is Blind’?

The Love Is Blind experiment was proven to work in Season 1 as the teaser points out. Some six couples that got engaged in the pods immediately flamed out, while others made it all the way to the altar.

love is blind season 2 : Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

As shown in last year’s “After the Altar” special, two couples, Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett, got married and are still together.

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In case you’re curious, both couples are still together! Last November, Lauren and Amber both posted romantic third anniversary tributes on Instagram, and there have been other photos of the couple enjoying their married life.

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