Liz Phair Songs: What Are the 10 Best Songs of All Time?

Do you know Liz Phair, who is an American singer-songwriter? If you’ve never heard any of the Chicago native’s music, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. She has been writing her songs since the 1990s and has been performing regularly since then. After a few record companies turned her down, she decided to do things on her own and put out her cassette tapes in the mid-1990s.

Even though some music producers didn’t like her sound, it was clear that her fans did. She still performs, and she has put out several albums throughout her career. If you’re familiar with her work, you probably have your favorites.

If you haven’t heard of her before, here are her 10 most popular songs, ranked from 10 to 1. Each one has a link to YouTube, so if you have a moment, click on them and tell me what you think.

The 10 Best Liz Phair Songs of All-Time

10. Count On My Love (2005)

This song is very nice. It talks about the uncertainty of life and not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but also about how two people who love each other can face anything as long as they are together.

The rest of the lyrics talk about how it doesn’t matter what happens or where they end up as long as these two people can be together.

Anyone who has ever been in love knows how this feels. People who fall in love and stay together can understand this song better than most people can even imagine.

9. Love Is Nothing (1998)

On the other hand, there is this song that she put out in 1998. It shows a different kind of love, one that doesn’t last. It talks about how people usually feel when they fall in love for the first time, and how those feelings can be very strong, but only for a short time. The song says that those kinds of feelings don’t last, so in the end, that kind of “love” is worthless because it doesn’t last.

8. Explain It To Me (1993)

Here is a song about getting famous. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not all rainbows and ponies. It talks about the bad things that can happen when you are famous. Most of the lyrics are about how most people just sit around and dream about being famous as if that would solve all of their problems.

The problem is that most of them don’t know that tream life and Phair Lizreal life are very different, especially in this case. All of this is shown in the song, which talks about the problems that come with being famous and how it’s not always as fun as it seems.

7. Never Said (1993)

People have spent years trying to figure out what the main idea of this song was. The truth is that it can be used in a lot of different ways. The lyrics talk about someone being accused of saying something when they didn’t say anything at all.

Anyone who listens to it can do whatever they want with the words. If someone has ever told you something private and you felt like you told everyone, even though you didn’t, then you can relate to these lyrics.

6. Spanish Doors (2021)

This one will really get to you if you’ve ever been in a relationship where you know something is wrong but the other person keeps telling you that everything is fine. That’s a bad situation to be in because it makes it almost impossible for you to work on the problem, whatever it is.

The words to this song talk about knowing something and then having the other person shut you down by saying everything is “fine” when it’s clear that it’s not.

5. Polyester Bride (1991)

Even though the title of this song is about getting married, the lyrics don’t just talk about that or a certain type of material. Much more, they are about figuring out what you want out of life and realising that you deserve it. Even if your goal seems hard to reach, it’s better to work toward it than to give up and go with something that won’t make you happy. This song is about figuring out who you are and what you want, and then going after it.

4. Extraordinary (2003)

Here are the words to a song that is mostly about having strong feelings that you may not be able to talk about. It’s about how, to people looking in from the outside, you seem to live one kind of life, but you’re really a different person when you’re alone. It also shows what it’s like to have strong feelings and have nowhere to turn, so you have to write them down and burn them so no one else can see them.

3. Supernova (1994)

Have you ever met someone so amazing that you almost didn’t believe they were real? This kind of thing is talked about in this song. Someone is called a “human supernova” because their spirit shines so brightly that it lights the way for almost everyone else.

2. Headache (1998)

The words to this song are about being in the middle of a war, specifically with the Russian army. But the lyrics don’t have to be taken all the time. Most likely, the song is about fighting a war inside your own head.  war could be about almost anything since everyone has their demons they have to fight every day.

1. Why Can’t I? (2003)

Most people have had times when they really wanted something, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The lyrics of this song are about getting so close to something you’ve always wanted, only to realirealizePhair The end that you’ll never get it. The song is about a relationship, but it can be seen as a metaphor for just about anything the listener has ever wanted to do.

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