Little Monster Season 2: Do You Know the Latest Updates of This Season ?


My Little Monster is a romantic comedy anime series that gets new viewers every day, even though it came out a very long time ago. The anime is based on a manga series with the same name that Robico wrote and Kodansha published from 2008 to 2013.

It first airs on local Japanese networks from October 2, 2012, to December 25, 2012. Brain’s Base, which we know from popular anime shows like BNA and In/Spectre from the past few years, was also used to make the anime My Little Monster. The anime series is still popular, and NIS America has licenced it and put it on Crunchyroll. We see that the animes get a new season and come back to the screens. So, after all this time, could there be a second season of My Little Monster?

What Did the Animation Happen to Be About?

Shizuku Mizutani is an emotionless high school student who doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t do much outside of school. She only thinks about her classes and her future. She gives Yoshida Haru her lecture notes.

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Yoshida Haru gets a short suspension for fighting one day because her teacher asked for it. Yoshida is known to be a terrible person, but he is actually kind, smart, and unable to talk about how he feels. Even though Shizuku is hard, the fact that Yoshida is surrounded by people who only care about themselves bothers her. Yoshida has only Shizuku as a friend now that he knows about the situation. From now on, their friendship will get better and better.

little monster season 2

Will My Little Monster Have a Second Season?

At the time this was written, on May 22, 2022, the anime had not been picked up for a new season yet. The first time My Little Monster was shown, it was from October 1 to December 24, 2012. Then, on August 12, 2013, fans were happy to see an OVA episode.

No one from Animax Asia, Brain’s Base, NIS America, or any other company involved with the anime hinted at a new season. If there is enough material for an anime, there is always the chance of a new season. Even though years have passed, anime can still get a new season. This is not the case with TV dramas. We need to look at a few important things to figure out if we will be able to see the new season.

From August 23, 2008, to June 24, 2013, Robico’s manga was published by Kodansha. It’s been a long time since the last book in the manga series of 12 books and 1 special book, and it doesn’t seem possible to keep going. In the first season of the anime, only the first four volumes were made into episodes. It shows that the other 9 volumes can be turned into a new season of anime. If there are enough supplies, there could still be a new season.

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On the other hand, we can’t say that the anime did well at the time based on how many DVDs it sold. It didn’t sell more than 4,000 copies, and a new season hasn’t come out in a long time. This could be because it wasn’t thought to be profitable enough. But we can say that anime has become more popular over the past few years, not less. It has a popularity score of 95.3 percent on Myanimelist, and a lot of people are still waiting for the second season.

There has been good news in recent years that gives hope for the second season. Last year, Netflix India said it would release the anime, and in April 2021, Sentai Filmworks bought the digital rights to My Little Monster Anime. But we can see that the anime’s official Twitter account isn’t updated as often as it used to be. Only 8k people follow the Twitter account, which doesn’t even share this news. It is still searched for more than average on Google around the world.

Cast of Season 2 Could Be

Fred Savage played 11-year-old Brian Stevenson.

Howie Mandel plays Maurice, a monster who becomes friends with Brian.

Eric Stevenson, Brian’s younger brother, is played by Ben Savage.

Daniel Stern as Brian’s angry father, Glen Stevenson, played by

Margaret Whitton as Brian’s mother Holly Stevenson

Frank Whaley as Boy, the monster world’s ruler

Rick Ducommun plays Snik, the man who helps Boy the most.

little monster season 2

Brian likes a girl named Kiersten, played by Amber Barretto.

Devin Ratray plays the bully Ronnie Coleman, who bothers Brian.

Todd, Eric’s best friend, was played by William Murray Weiss.

Daniel Stern plays Brian’s dad Glen. He worked on The Wonder Years as the older, voice-over version of Kevin Arnold, who was played by Fred Savage. Brian and Eric Stevenson are played by real-life brothers Fred and Ben Savage. Their sister Kala plays a little monster.

How well Season 1 did

Based on reviews from 9 critics, the movie has a 44% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Even though this movie is for kids, Chris Willman of the Los Angeles Times thought that Howie Mandel’s monster Maurice looked a lot like Beetlejuice. He says, “Its fantasy has sweetness and whimsy, but it also has a fair amount of gross-out humour,” and he agrees that “some of it is actually funny.” Willman says that the movie ends up being a special effects extravaganza, but that its small budget seems to have held it back.

Season 1’s Storyline

Brian Stevenson’s family just moved to a neighbourhood outside of Boston, and he feels alone there. One morning, Brian wakes up to find that he is being blamed and punished for things he didn’t do. He says he is not guilty and points the finger at his younger brother, Eric, who says he saw a monster the night before. Brian fights with the bully Ronnie Coleman at school. That night, Brian went to Eric’s room to sleep on a bet. When he got there, the room was a mess, and he saw the TV remote slide under the bed and disappear.

little monster season 2

The next morning, Eric and his friend Todd find Brian sleeping on the couch in the living room. They make fun of Brian for not being able to sleep in Eric’s room all night. Brian bets Eric that he will sleep in Eric’s room one more night, “double or nothing.” The next night, Brian is determined to catch the “monster,” so he sets up traps and leaves cheese Doritos as bait.

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