Lisa Kelly Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Earn From Her Career?


Lisa Kelly is a famous American trucker and reality TV star from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lisa is best known for being a truck driver and a freestyle motocross state champion.

She has become a well-known TV personality because she is in the popular reality show “Ice Road Truckers” on the History Channel, as well as its spin-off show “Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads.” Before Maya Sieber and Stephanie “Steph” Custance joined the hit show, Kelly was the only woman who drove a truck.

Ice Road Truckers’ actors and actresses Lisa Kelly has always liked trucks and driving, so she chose a job that lets her do what she loves. She got a lot of attention after she took the chance to be in Ice Road Truckers in 2009, when she was just starting out as a truck driver. Kelly was interested in wild things from a very young age, and that made her want to become an ice-road trucker.

Name Lisa Kelly
Net Worth $500 thousand
Age 41 years old
Date Of Birth December 8, 1980
Annual Income $100,000
Profession Truck Driver, TV Personality

Early Life

Lisa Kelly was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on December 8, 1980. She grew up in Sterling, Alaska. Lisa grew up in her hometown until she was six years old. At that time, her whole family moved to a farm in Sterling, Alaska.

Lisa Kelly Net Worth

From there, she went to high school and graduated. After that, she went back to her hometown of Grand Rapids to go to college at Cornerstone University. But Lisa was only a student at the University for one semester before she quit and went back home to be with her family.


After that, she worked at a gas station, for a pizza company, and as a school bus driver, among other places. Lisa became a motocross rider after that, and she loved the sport so much that it didn’t take her long to become a state freestyle motocross champion.

But she soon became interested in trucking, so she decided to try it out as a job. Lisa’s success got the attention of Carlisle Transportation, which soon offered her a job as a truck driver in the Alaskan wilderness. With her acceptance of the job, she got her main source of income.

Lisa got a new job, and the History channel asked her to be in their popular reality show “Ice Road Truckers” because she is said to be the only woman who drives a truck in the far north, if not anywhere else.


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Lisa became famous in 2009 after making her first appearance on the show in the third season. She went on to star in a few more seasons after that. That was a big change in her career, and it also made her more well-known all over the world. Lisa Kelly’s net worth also went up a lot when she was cast in Ice Road Truckers.

At that time, she drove a truck in India and later in Peru and Bolivia. She also appeared on reality shows like Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads, Rick Yemm, Dave Redmon, and Alex Debogorski. After all of this, she was offered a contract to stay on the show for season 6, but she turned it down and took a year off.

Later, Lisa decided to come back to the show for seasons 7 and 9. She worked for Darrell Ward’s new company until he died the next season. Lisa also showed up in the final season 11 of Ice Road Truckers, which aired later.

Lisa Kelly Net Worth

Lisa Kelly’s net worth is expected to be around $500,000 in 2022. Lisa has been driving for more than ten years and has saved up a good amount of money. It’s hard for a truck driver to have a net worth of $1 million. She also got a lot of money from being on the show Ice Road Truckers.

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Lisa Kelly is also active on YouTube, which means that her channel helps her make money quickly. Lisa, who is amazing and inspiring, is living her life to the fullest. Lisa Kelly makes more than $100,000 per year.

Personal Life

Lisa Kelly married Travis Kelly in 2008. Traves rides a dirt bike, and he and his wife now live in Wasilla, Alaska. She likes to snowboard and ride horses in her free time, and she sometimes uses her official Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Even though the show is over, Lisa is still driving around Alaska and Canada. She also joined social media, where she posts updates about her life on a regular basis. Lisa has a fresh start in her life in 2022 because she bought a new truck from Peterbilt and got a new job.

Lisa Kelly Net Worth

She moved to Fairbanks and opened a shop that is more than just a job for herself. Lisa is now a professional mechanic in addition to being a truck driver, and she has been sharing everything she’s learned online.


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