Leaving Netflix in November 2022 is If Anything Happens I Love You.


An Oscar-winning Netflix Original short film will be removed from the service in November 2022, as the number of Netflix Originals leaving the service has been rising.

The 2D cartoon film If Anything Happens I Love You, a tearjerker and an absolute gut puncher, following mourning parents as they traveled through an emotional abyss while they lamented the death of a kid in the wake of a tragic school shooting.

The 12-minute title was written and directed by Will McCormack and Michael Govier, with Laura Dern serving as executive producer.

At the 93rd Academy Awards, which were held in the beginning of 2021, the film took home the prestigious Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. It competed with other animated shorts like Burrow, Yes-People, and Opera.

If Anything Happens I Love You

The short film was later released on Netflix in all countries as a Netflix Original title on November 20, 2020, after the streaming service had purchased it the month before.

A moving piece of work, the short film “examines the gap left behind after a catastrophe using a beautiful animation and transmitting an essential message,” according to Daniel Hart of Ready Steady Cut.

Why is Netflix Discontinuing If Anything Happens I Love You?

There are several distinct types of Netflix Originals; many are just solely licensed to Netflix for a specific amount of time. In this case, it had a two-year license.

Netflix has stated for the first time that Netflix Originals could even discontinue their service, with Hemlock Grove being listed on the official deletions list. Of course, we’ve tracked the departure of more than 60 Netflix Originals, and there will undoubtedly be many more in the upcoming years.

In relation to that, we’ll be giving a more in-depth report on it in the upcoming months.

Will you watch If Anything Happens I Love You once more before November 2022, when Netflix will no longer have it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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