How Did Lauren Holly Net Worth Grow to $2 Million? Let’s Find Out.


Lauren Holly Net Worth: Lauren Holly is a well-known American-Canadian actress, model, TV personality, media face, and social media star from Bristol, Pennsylvania, United States. She was born on October 28, 1963, and is 59 years old.

She has been working in movies since 1983. She made her name by working very hard. Let me tell you that she has worked in movies for 40 years and is still making movies.

Lauren’s first job was in 1984, when she played Carla Walicki on the TV show “Hill Street Blues.” Because of how well she did, she was asked to help with many other projects. She got a lot of attention after she was in the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” which also won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss.

Band of the Hand, Live Wire, Beautiful Girls, No Looking Back, Down and Derby, The Least Among You, Tammy’s Always Dying, Fantasy Island, Covert Affairs, Rookie Blue, and many more are some of her other works.

What is Lauren Holly Net Worth?

This amazing and talented actress bought a beautiful house in Canada, where she now lives with her sons. She is always there for her kids and makes sure they do well in school. She also drives brand-name cars, but she never brags about it on social media.

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She gets paid for modeling, promoting, acting, commercials, brand ads, and more. Let me tell you that she only shops for clothes at well-known shopping malls. About $2 million is how much Lauren Holly is worth (approx.).

Lauren Holly Net Worth

Early Life

Lauren Michael Holly is her full name. Let me tell you that she has a birthday every year on October 28. She gets a lot of birthday wishes from her family, her kids, and her fans. Also, she was born to her parents in 1963 in Bristol, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

She and her siblings grew up in Geneva, New York, USA. She is said to be living with her kids in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, at the moment. She is both an American and a Canadian citizen. 59 is how old she is (as of 2022).

She went to Geneva High School for her high school education, which she finished in 1981. After that, she got into Sarah Lawrence College and got a bachelor’s degree in English literature.


Lauren Holly got really interested in acting when she was in college. She was in many college plays and theaters before deciding that acting was all she wanted to do for a living.

Some of her most famous roles are as Darian Smalls in Beautiful Girls, Jenny Shepard in NCIS, Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in Picket Fences, and Bruce Lee’s wife Linda Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, among many others.’


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She also played Lynn Harper on a regular basis in the third season of the Netflix show Designated Survivor. She also played Monique Dubois, the main character in “Tiny Pretty Things.” She was also cast as Joanne Kowalski in the series “Family Law.”

Some of her other works are Motive, My Summer Prince, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Just Desserts, Chicago Hope, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, Field of Lost Shoes, The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll, etc.

Personal Life

Holly has never kept anything about her life a secret. She has also been open about the good and bad times in her personal life. Sources say that from 1991 to 1993, she was married to a well-known actor named Danny Quinn.

After being together for 2 years, the couple broke up. She met actor Jim Carrey in 1994, and the two of them fell in love. They were together for a few years before they got married on September 23, 1996.

Lauren Holly Net Worth

Unfortunately, they were only married for a year. On July 29, 1997, they got a divorce because they couldn’t get along. Later, on March 10, 2001, she got married to Francis Greco, a Canadian-born investment banker. Before they broke up in 2014, they were together for 14 years.

Several news sources say that she has been seen with a man named Jerome Ruffin. They are dating right now and having a good time. Sources say that Lauren Holly has three adopted children. Alexander Joseph Greco, Henry Greco, and George Greco are her sons’ names.


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