Larry Storch Net Worth: What Is His Estimated Wealth in 2022?


On January 8, 1923, Larry Storch, also known as Lawrence Samuel Storch, was born. New York City was the location of his birth. His mother, Sally Storch, was a telephone operator, and his father, Alfred Storch, was an estate agent.


Larry Storch is a student at DeWitt Clinton High School. Don Adams, a well-known American actor, was his mentor. The two would eventually become good friends. Storch was unable to graduate from high school due to the economic hardships caused by the Great Depression. However, he chose to pursue stand-up comedy and now earns $12 a week.

Stand-up comedy was Larry Storch’s first occupation. Due to his humorous abilities, he was able to get guest roles on numerous episodes of Get Smart, Columbo, Sergent Bilko, The Flying Nun, That Girl, and The Doris Day Show, among others.

After appearing on the comedic series F-Troop, Storch received numerous honours. From 1965 through 1967, this figure was the show’s protagonist. In a handful of films, he co-starred with Melody Patterson, Ken Berry, and Forrest Tucker.

In “The Prince Who Was a Thief” (1951), Larry makes his film debut. Since then, he has appeared in over 230 movies and television shows. In addition, Larry started a career as a voice actor. In 1959, he participated in Arthur Dreifuss’ military drama “The Last Blitzkrieg,” and he played the main role in George Sydney’s romantic comedy “Who Was That Lady,” which starred Tony Curtis, Dean Martin, and Janet Leigh and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Norma Catherine Greve is the name of Larry Storch’s spouse. Larry Storch was married to the extraordinary and unique Norma Catherine Greve. Norma was born on April 6, 1922 in Pocatello, Idaho.

Norma, the second successful performer in the couple, also had a successful acting career. She had a number of leading parts in a variety of plays, including The Perils of P.K., The Woman Hunter, and The Six Million Dollar Man, among others. At the age of 23, Norma moved to Los Angeles in an attempt to break into the industry. It was profitable because her film business career soon followed.

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When did he achieve Success?

Larry was a successful actor who starred in productions such as “Porgy and Bess,” “Arsenic and Old Lace,” and “Annie Get Your Gun.” Recently, he toured with Richard Dreyfuss and Irwin Corey for the 2004 and 2012 performances of “Sly Fox” and “Love Letters,” respectively.

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What is Larry Storch’s net worth?

The net worth of Larry Storch is $1 million. His career as an American actor has spanned three decades. Larry Storch was born in January 1923 in New York City, New York. During the Great Depression, he performed stand-up comedy, and during World War II, he served in the United States Navy.

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