Lala Kent’s Total Net Worth 2022: She Roles in Films and Television Shows.


Lala Kent is an American actress, novelist, businesswoman, and reality television personality. Her popularity increased after she appeared on the reality television programme Vanderpump Rules. In this series, she portrayed Bravo, and her acting was so outstanding that she received a great deal of applause.

She has also appeared in other films, including “Reflections in the Mud,” “One Shot,” “10 Minutes Gone,” and “The Mentor.” In 2021, she published the book Give Them Lala and launched a podcast of the same name. This article contains a great deal of information about Lala Kent, including her early life, work, biography, assets, luxurious lifestyle, and relationships, among other details.

Lala Kent’s Early Years

Lala Kent was born Lauren Elyse Burningham in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States on September 2, 1990. Her parents, Kent Burningham the father and Kent Burningham the mother, raised her. Her father Kent Burningham died in April 2018. Easton Burningham is the younger brother of Lala.

According to some stories, she completed high school in her home state of Utah. Even though she maintains a private life and has not posted anything about her family on social media. Lala’s first job was as a hostess at the California restaurant SUR.


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Lala Kent: Career

In 2009, Lala Kent portrayed Lauryn in Reflections In The Mud, which was her first theatrically released film. She subsequently appeared in films such as The Mentor (2014), One-Shot (2014), Pitching Love and Catching Faith (2015), and Dudes & Dragons (2015). (2015).

When Kent began playing Bravo on the popular reality television programme Vanderpump Rules, she received a great deal of attention. She also had recurrent parts in seasons four and five, which aired from 2015 to 2016. At the beginning of the sixth season, she became the primary character of the show.

Then, she began appearing in films such as The Row (2018), Vault (2019), 10 Minutes Gone (2019), Trauma Center (2019), Spree (2020), Hard Kill (2020), The Estate (2020), Out of Death (2021): The Trial of Axis Sally (2021), among others.

She gained a great deal of recognition when she wrote the book Give Them Lala. Additionally, she hosts podcasts on the book. The actress took her career to the next level by launching the cosmetics and skincare lines Give Them Lala Beauty and Give Them Lala Skin. Lala Kent was featured on the March and April 2019 covers of Fitness Magazine.

What is Lala Kent’s Total Net Worth?

Since joining the cast of the Bravo television series Vanderpump Rules, she has earned a substantial amount of money. During the fourth and fifth seasons, she portrayed a recurring character. During the sixth season, she played the lead role.

The predicted net worth of Lala Kent in 2022, according to celebrity net worth, is approximately $2 million. She makes the most of her income as an actor, which pays her well for roles in films and television shows.

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Lala Kent: Personal Life

Randall Emmett, a film producer in his forties, dated Lala Kent. Emmett popped the question to Lala on September 1, 2018, just days before her birthday. Randall proposed to Lala while the two were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. At that moment, the film producer presented the recipient with a 6-carat round diamond ring.


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In 2016, when they first met at a Christmas dinner at SUR, they began dating. In March 2021, the couple’s first child, a daughter named Ocean Kent Emmett, was born. They announced their breakup in October 2021, putting an end to their three-year engagement.

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Lala Kent: Assets


Lala Kent is a well-known United States citizen. She has spent the majority of her life in the United States entertainment industry. The majority of Kent’s work is completed in her Los Angeles residence. She resides in a very good, single-family home.


Lala Kent’s garage is packed with vehicles. She enjoys long drives because they help her relieve tension. She is the owner of a Ford, a Mercedes, and a Cadillac.

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Lala Kent is a fairly well-known individual who has been a major surprise in recent years. She has received significant praise in the American entertainment industry.

Kent has been in numerous films and television programmes, which has contributed to her fame and notoriety. She has modelled for several extremely large corporations. Kent is extremely popular on social media, with millions of followers.

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