Krispy Kreme Introduces an Xbox Shaped Doughnut in the UK


Xbox is a video game brand created and owned by Microsoft. The brand includes five video game consoles, as well as applications (games), streaming services, an online service called Xbox Networks, and a development department called Xbox Game Studios. The brand was first launched in the United States in November 2001, launching the original Xbox game console. The original equipment was the first video game console provided by an American company after Atari Jaguar ceased sales in 1996. Its sales exceeded 24 million. Sold in May 2006. Microsoft’s second game console, the Xbox 360, was launched in 2005, and 84 million units have been sold as of June 2014. The third game console, Xbox One, was launched in November 2013 and has sold 50 million units. In November 2020, the fourth-generation Xbox game console product line, Xbox Series X and Series S will be launched. The head of Xbox is Phil Spencer, who replaced the former head Marc Whitten in late March 2014.

Krispy Kreme announced that it will sell a series of limited edition Xbox donuts in the UK, which may be one of the most surreal marketing collaborations today. Krispy Kreme shared the news in a tweet, welcoming fans to join the “next generation” and then introducing them to their new Nexus Level doughnuts that will be available in the UK store. You can watch a trailer that mimics Xbox’s own hardware display in the following tweet: The Xbox brand limited cream snack series will be on sale at all vendors from August 2nd to 22nd. From the United Kingdom. Anyone who visits the store or clicks to collect fans can participate in the lottery and win 1 of 120 Xbox Series S consoles. You can also get a one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for your first entry (subject to registration requirements).

It can be said that this is not the most surprising news linking food and the gaming world in 2021. Earlier this year, IGN reported that McDonald’s restaurants were “strongly encouraged” to limit the number of Happy Meals they sell to customers. Their American store. Earlier, it was reported that dealers profited from Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Trading Card Case and presented it with the company’s famous Happy Meals. Check out IGN’s official Xbox page, where you can also find the latest reviews, guides, and tutorials. I bet that one of them is also suitable for Xbox Series X mini-refrigerators.

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