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Kims Convenience Season 6: Is It Ever Going To Happen?

Kims Convenience Season 6

A fifth and sixth season of CBC’s popular family sitcom Kim’s Convenience was announced in March 2020. It was announced on March 8, 2021, that the show’s fifth season would be its final, shocking Canadian viewers.

Everyone, including the actors, was stunned by the decision. Jung’s character Simu Liu took to Twitter, while Appa’s Paul Sun-Hyung Lee opened up to CBC journalist Andrew Chang in an emotional video about his displeasure.

Due to the departure of co-creators Ins Choi and Kevin White, the show’s producers decided not to go forward with a season two. In spite of Lee’s best efforts to convince Choi to stay, Choi decided to leave Kim’s Convenience despite his silence about the cancellation.

Nicole Power’s only regular white character, Shannon (Nicole White), has left the show to pursue a spin-off project that will focus on Shannon.

Kims Convenience Season 6 will not be happening

Kims Convenience Season 6

Since the network and producers were concerned about the show’s authenticity, it’s not hard to see why Kim’s Convenience was canceled after its co-creators left. However, the cancellation is still extremely frustrating.

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More than anything else, it reveals the producers’ unwillingness to find another Korean Canadian voice to carry on the story than it does their concern that the show would not be authentic enough if it was renewed. The producers backed down instead of doing the right thing and dealing with the issues Liu mentioned on Facebook.

Because this cancellation represents a major setback for television culture in general, it hurts even more. The majority of the cast of Kim’s Convenience is Asian, making it the first show of its kind in Canada. The story is based on Ins Choi’s play of the same name, which was based on his experiences as a second-generation Korean immigrant in Toronto.

Kim Sang-il, Umma Yong-mi (Lee and Jean Yoon reprising their roles from the play), daughter Janet (Andrea Bang), son Jung (Simu Liu), and their convenience store, as the title suggests, are the focus of the story.

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It is not just their ethnicity that drives the story, even though the main protagonists are a Korean Canadian family. A different problem that people face on a daily basis is the focus of each episode. When Appa and his Indian Canadian friend Mr. Mehta discussed the sound a frog makes, they were being silly; when they got into a fight with Appa and Jung, they were being serious. However, it is for this very reason that Kim’s Convenience is such a huge hit on television.

Kims Convenience Season 6

Kim’s Convenience doesn’t focus solely on the characters’ ethnicity but rather places them in situations that are typically only seen on white-centric television shows. This is especially true for Appa and Umma, who are both Korean immigrants. This is significant because it shows that performers and producers of color, in this case, those of Asian ancestry, can tell stories that are unrelated to their ethnicity.

They appear to be an overblown stereotype at first glance, but Appa and Umma’s Korean accents aren’t. In all five seasons, it has never been used as a joke or a punchline. The characters’ Korean heritage is emphasized more for the sake of authenticity than for the sake of making audiences laugh. Umma’s Korean church plays an important role in the plot, as do a variety of delicious Korean dishes.

Of course, the show’s characters are constantly confronted with racism. But it has never been used for dramatic purposes. Many of the issues raised in Kim’s Convenience have less to do with cultural or racial differences than they do with generational ones.

Kims Convenience Season 6

After making an ill-advised remark, Mr. Kim offers a discount to gay customers in the first episode of the show, ‘Gay Discount.’ The joke isn’t on Mr. Kim’s statement to the LGBT clients, and neither are they. Because of this, the hilarity comes from their mutual misinterpretation.

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Because he is unable to keep up with rapidly changing cultural landscapes, Mr. Kim makes these remarks out of ignorance rather than homophobia. In less capable hands, this could have been problematic, but the show instead makes use of it to emphasize the importance of wanting to learn more about other people and generations.

This situation necessitates compassion and sensitivity. Kim’s Convenience is also devoted to promoting and honoring kindness.

The store in the Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto, which is known for its diverse community and reflected in the show’s clientele, may give the impression that the show is set in reality. However, it appears that the timeline depicted in the story differs significantly from the one we are living in right now. The “world” in which Kim’s Convenience exists appears to be far removed from the racial bigotry, xenophobia, and homophobia that still exist in our society.

Kims Convenience Season 6

People from all walks of life can come together to work out their differences in the show’s world of compassion and humor. In addition, it’s not wishful thinking; it’s hope and a dream, and most importantly, it’s proof of what our world could be like if we put love and empathy above all else.

Our loss is not only that of a rare Asian-led TV show but also a show that dares to imagine a better world. Kim’s Convenience has been canceled. Kim’s Convenience takes a risk in an era where most television shows compete to be the darkest and grittiest. Let us hope that the show’s profound legacy will live on and inspire others in the years to come, despite the show’s demise.

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