Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 Release Date: Are You Aware of Latest Updates of This Season ?

May God be your protector, or Khuda Haafiz, is an Indian Hindi-language direct-to-video action thriller movie coming out in 2020. It was written and directed by Faruk Kabir, and Kumar Mangat Pathak and Abhishek Pathak produced it for Panorama Studios.

Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi are the main actors, and Annu Kapoor, Aahana Kumra, and Shiv Panditt also have parts. The movie is based on real events and takes place during the financial crisis of 2007–2008. It tells the story of Sameer Chaudhary, a young man who races against time to save his kidnapped wife Nargis from flesh traders. On August 14, 2020, the movie was first shown on Disney+ Hotstar.

Critics had mixed things to say about the movie, but audiences liked it and praised the acting, action scenes, and technical aspects. In Disney+ Hotstar, it was a hit.

Plot of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

Sameer Choudhary agrees to tell Mishra, an official from the Indian embassy, what happened when he was arrested by police in a made-up Middle Eastern country called Noman. He was arrested because of something he did. Sameer is a software engineer and business owner in 2007. He meets Nargis, falls in love with her, and marries her. In 2008, a financial crisis puts them both out of work.

Three months later, Nadeem, who works for a company that helps people find jobs abroad, helps them find work in Noman. Nargis is the first to leave, and Sameer stays to wait for his papers. After Nargis gets there, she calls Sameer in a panic and screams that someone is trying to take her away. Sameer goes to Noman.

Khuda Haafiz Release date

There, he meets a taxi driver named Usman Hamid Ali Murad. He asks Usman to take him to the address Nadeem gave him, but Usman tells him that there is no such address. Sameer goes with Usman to the police station, where he finds out that Nadeem has disappeared.

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Sameer goes to the Indian embassy because he can’t get help from the police because he is too restless. He pretends to work for a phone company and gets the address of the person whose phone Nargis used to call him. This person’s name is Shirazi.

Sameer and Usman find out that Shirazi is involved in the trade of human bodies. Sameer and Usman go to brothels to look for Nargis. They find her in one of the brothels, but the owners attack him and make him violent. He then kills two men and is caught after a car chase that ends in a crash.

Back in the present, when Sameer is done telling his story, a Nomani cop named Faiz Abu Malik comes up to him and offers to help. Officer Tamena also comes along. They look at the airport’s CCTV footage and see Nargis get into a van with a man who turns out to be Iztek, an Algerian modeling coordinator.

Iztek gives the order to kill Nargis. Faiz and Tamena find a burned body and think it is Nargis. Sameer is broken when he sees her pendant on it. After her funeral, he gets money and a plane ticket to India.

Tamena finds out that Nargis is still alive and that the body they found was of someone else. She and Faiz look for Sameer before they find out that he never got on the plane. Sameer puts on a mask and goes to Iztek’s house to get his revenge. Before Iztek tells them that Nargis is still alive, they fight very hard.

Cast in Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

  • Sameer Chaudhary is played by Vidyut Jammwal.
  • Shivaleeka Oberoi as Nargis Chaudhary
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Rashid Qasai
  • Sheeba Chaddha as Thakur ji
  • Rajesh Tailang as a News Reporter Ravi Kumar
  • Rukhsar Rehman
  • Riddhi Sharma as Nandini Chaudhary
  • Vidyut Jammwal as Nargis’s husband Sameer Chaudhary
  • Shivaleeka Oberoi plays Sameer’s wife, Nargis Rajput Choudhary.
  • Annu Kapoor plays the taxi driver Usman Hamid Ali Murad in Noman.
  • Shiv Panditt plays Faiz Abu Malik, an ISA member who works with Itzak.

Khuda Haafiz Release date

  • Aahana Kumra as Tamena Hamid, ISA
  • Vipin Sharma plays Nadeem, a recruiter who works for Ansaar Overseas Recruitment.
  • Nawab Shah as Iztak Regini
  • Siddhant Ghegadmal as Karim
  • Rio Kapadia as Commander Ali Azam Ghazi, Tamena’s boss
  • Ikhlaque Khan as IK Mishra, the Deputy Council of Affairs at the Indian Embassy in Noman
  • Arradhya Maan as Employee
  • Suparna Marwah as Nagma Rajput, Nargis’ mother
  • Farabi Md Refat as Ifraan, ISA
  • Mohit Chauhan as Nargis’s father, Harsh Rajput
  • Mo’min Rizo will help I.K. Mishra.
  • Shahnawaz Pradhan as Suraj Pradhan Chaudhary, Sameer’s father
  • Sameer’s mother, Nandini Chaudhary, is played by Gargi Patel.
  • Sahir as Nithish

Release Date of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

The movie was supposed to come out on June 17, 2022, but the date was changed. On June 7, 2022, it was announced that the movie would come out in theaters on July 8, 2022.

Trivia of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

The film was meant to be shown in theaters, but the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theaters all over the world, so it was released straight to video. When the official streaming partner for this movie, Disney+ Hotstar, held a video conference to announce the digital premieres of several movies, including this one, many of the stars of those movies were asked to talk about their films. Vidyut Jammwal was upset that he wasn’t invited, and he said so in a tweet that said “a long road ahead.” His followers backed him, and they also didn’t like what Disney+ Hotstar did.

Alternate Versions of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

After the following cuts were made, the movie was rated U/A (parental guidance) and could be shown on TV:

From TCR 01.00.08 to 01.00.47, the close-up shots of blood spurting and the repeated shots of a knife being stuck in the neck and the neck being dragged along the corner of a wall were taken out (Replaced with VFX shots of without blood).

At TCR 01.18.00, the word “Fucking” was turned off and replaced with the word “Bloody.”

Khuda Haafiz Release date

At TCR 02.01.00, the close-up shots of blood spurting from the mouth were taken out.

Getting rid of the images of the hand gesture (shown in vulgar manner). VFX shots without blood were put in their place at TCR 0.53.33.

The close-up shots of blood spurting at TCR 59.00 were taken out (Replaced with VFX shots of without blood).

Replaced the disclaimer at the beginning in Hindi by adding the line “We do not want to show any country or organization in a bad light or manner.”

Marketing and Release Date of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 1

On June 29, 2020, Disney+ Hotstar held a virtual press conference where Uday Shankar announced that the movie would be released digitally on the platform on August 14, 2020. This was part of the Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex initiative, which came about because the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theaters.

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But Vidyut Jammwal and Kunal Khemu, whose movie Lootcase also came out on the same digital streaming platform, were not asked to be part of the social media announcement. On July 24, 2020, the much-anticipated premiere of Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie, Dil Bechara, and the streaming app Disney+ Hotstar released and promoted the film’s trailer. The next day, the trailer was posted on YouTube.

Trailer of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

Questions About Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 That People Often Ask

Does Khuda Hafiz tell a real story?

Khuda Haadiz is a story that takes place during the financial crisis of 2007–2008. It is based on a true story about an engineer whose wife goes missing for unknown reasons, and he goes on a journey to find her.

Is Khuda Hafiz movie or series?

May God be your protector, or Khuda Haafiz, is an Indian Hindi-language direct-to-video action thriller movie coming out in 2020. It was written and directed by Faruk Kabir, and Kumar Mangat Pathak and Abhishek Pathak produced it for Panorama Studios.

What does Khuda Haafiz end with?

In the last scene, Sameer and Nargis are going to India. He said goodbye to Usman, who was in a wheelchair, at the airport. He thanked him for putting his life in danger and helping him all along. Usman told Sameer that it was his duty and that one day he would like to go to India.

Does Netflix have Khuda Haafiz?

Khuda Haafiz is likely to be one of the many Bollywood movies that will only be available on Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, and other streaming services instead of in theaters.

In Summation of Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2

Sameer and Nargis have been through a lot, but when little Nandini comes into their lives, it’s like a ray of sunshine. But their happiness doesn’t last long. Nandini goes missing in a strange turn of events.

The second part of the movie Khuda Haafiz, called “Khuda Haafiz – Agni Pariksha,” has been pushed back. It will now come out on July 8, 2022, according to the latest news from the film’s stars, Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi. The movie was originally set to come out on June 17.

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