Kakashi Face Reveal: Why Kakashi Without His Mask Was Disappointing?


The bottom part of his head, which he frequently covers with a mask whose purpose is still unknown to fans, was first discovered in episode 101, when Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura resolved to discover what their teacher’s face really looked like without the mask.

According to some of Naruto’s hypotheses, he may have had buck teeth or cod roe lips, making him secretly unattractive.

All that Kakashi discloses, despite Team 7’s humorous efforts throughout that episode, is that underneath his mask is… ANOTHER MASK.
The Kakashi fandom let out a collective sigh as they had all but given up on finding out who Kakashi really was. But when a filler episode of Naruto aired last week, viewers were pleasantly surprised.

Kakashi Face Reveal


Naruto is constantly eager to see Kakashi’s face in Episode 469 (that’s right, 368 episodes passed between the first mention of it and the actual reveal!). The suggestion is rejected by Sakura and Sasuke, but an unfamiliar ninja named Sukae appears and suggests looking through the ninja registration data for a picture of Kakashi’s entire face. In exchange for the enormous scoop he’ll receive if he can have it published in the media, Sukae promises to assist them.
They are about to expose the image of Kakashi after successfully breaking into the secure document storage facility when the ANBU security personnel catch them and compel them to concede defeat.

Sukae proposes that as a fallback, she attempt to take a shot of Kakashi just before he begins to eat. Naturally, this fails when they view the pictures, which only show a bird swooping in the way briefly before Kiba’s dog Akamaru leaps across Kakashi’s face.

“I feel like some kind of holy force is at work here,” Sasuke laments.

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In a desperate attempt, Team 7 recruits the remaining members of their ninja-in-training group to assist them in a complex plan that will utilise everyone’s ninja skills. Naturally, this too fails, as it is discovered that Kakashi was fooling around with his students under the guise of photographer Sukae all along in an effort to strengthen their bonds.

Kakashi’s face is hidden from Naruto and his teammates, but fans get to glimpse the full splendour of his bishounen appearance as he takes off his disguise. He’s going to be handsome, of course, right? He has a mole on his chin, and it appears that his scar extends all the way down to his cheek.

Kakashi even gives us a brief additional scene in which he is getting ready to reapply his mask while wearing full ninja costume.

Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, had only ever briefly seen Kakashi’s face in a manga sketch that was part of a booklet distributed during the Naruto art exhibition that took place in Japan last April.

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Why Kakashi Without His Mask Was Disappointing?

The reveal was a little disappointing compared to what Naruto’s core cast of ninjas had been anticipating because the only interesting aspect Kakashi’s mask concealed was a small mole on his chin. It’s not made clear whether Kakashi’s refusal to disclose his entire face is due to the mole or if the birthmark has nothing to do with it at all. However, from the perspective of the audience, the first time Kakashi’s face was shown was arguably a good use of filler episodes. Although the Sukea story was another lighthearted, enjoyable adventure, the climax of the Naruto anime was hampered by an interminable stream of unimportant non-canon material. However, the disclosure of Kakashi’s face at least offered some suspense for long-time Naruto anime watchers.

Having said that, there are occasions when there is no satisfying way to wrap up a protracted TV joke. Some would argue, for instance, that the episode merited more attention and that Kakashi’s identity reveal ought to have been included in a more significant plot thread. Others, on the other hand, might fervently contend that the reveal shouldn’t have taken place at all and that Naruto should have kept Team 7 and the audience in suspense about what Kakashi really looked like until his death.

Kakashi Face Reveal

Why Naruto Waited So Long to Show Kakashi’s Face Without His Mask

Throughout Naruto, the query “what does Kakashi look like under his mask” was probably more intriguing than the resolution. Probably because it wasn’t relevant to the plot of the series and instead served as a fun running joke for viewers, this announcement was postponed until close to the end of Naruto. Since Kakashi’s true face is unsurprising or unusual, the mystery would have been solved if Kakashi’s identity had been known earlier in the narrative. However, this would not have added any new intrigue. Naruto got the most mileage out of the mystery by delaying it for nearly 500 episodes, which is likely why it was always going to feel disappointing.

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Naruto fans have longed to see Kakashi’s face since episode 101. Kakashi was fooling around with his students under the guise of a photographer all along. WARNING: SPOILER COUNTRY AHEAD! The reveal of Kakashi’s face was a little disappointing compared to what viewers had been anticipating. From the perspective of the audience, it was arguably a good use of filler episodes. However, there are occasions when there is no satisfying way to wrap up a protracted TV joke.

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