Jung il Hoon of BTOB Sentenced to Two Years in Prison!


Jung Il Hoon of the former K-pop band BTOB was sentenced to two years in prison. According to reports, he has been buying and using marijuana. 

The imprisonment sentence was accompanied by a fine of 133 million won (approximately US$119,200). On June 10, Zheng Yixun’s sentencing hearing was held at the Seoul Central District Court. He was accused of violating the Anti-Drug Law, etc., which led to his arrest. According to reports, he had abused this drug 161 times at different times. Yang Cheolhan, Senior Judge of the Seoul Central District Court, presided over. According to entertainment reports, due to the verdict of 26-year-old rapper and singer Jeong Il-hoon, the judge also considered it necessary to arrest him in court because Il-hoon is considered to be at risk of flying. Website Koreaboo. 

There are reports that Jung was suspected of making illegal purchases with seven people in the 30 months from July 2016 to January 2019. The singer was also accused of using marijuana 161 times during the same period. His lawyer called for leniency in his trial, saying that the K-Pop star would hardly be the center of the idol’s attention.

These allegations were exposed in 2020 last year, and the persecution required at least four years in prison. After the issue came to light, Hoon left the popular seven-member boy band in December. He and seven other defendants were tried for buying 826 grams of marijuana worth 133 million won and smoking 161 times between July 5 and January 2016. January 9, 2019. 

According to the entertainment portal Soompi, the other seven defendants were sentenced to 1.5 to two years in prison or suspended. His lawyer asked for leniency during the trial, saying that their client was struggling like an idol. “He worked in the entertainment industry at such a young age and tried to relieve the pressure in the wrong way.” 

The court said: “The defendants communicate through the dark web, so their crimes are not easy to detect, and they used elaborate methods, such as the use of cryptocurrency Bitcoin for transactions.” Another defendant of Zheng He, Park Geun-Hye, was appointed by the court as the group leader, adding: “The two defendants played a leading role and committed the most criminal acts.” 

Although there were such reports, fans continue to pour in to support their idols.

Who is Jung II Hoon?

Jung is a 26 years old singer, record producer, a former member of the Korean group BTOB. 

He graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School and studied at the Korean Media Art Academy. Jung gained fame as one of the seven members of BTOB established in 2012. 

Jung debuted as the lead singer of the boy group BtoB in 2012. The combination is in Mnet’s M! Countdown to March 21. From September 2018 to September 2019, he was the idol radio DJ for episodes 7-363 (the absence of episodes 31, 198, and 308). 

Jung joined the army on May 28, 2020, and is currently a public service worker. In addition, the singer made his debut in the TV series “Webcomic Heroes: Tundra Show” in 2015. 

Jung has 938,000 followers on Instagram.

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