Jimmy Conway Cause of Death: How Did He Spend His Time Behind Bars?


Jimmy Conway is a notorious former Italian-American gangster who has caused trouble during his life. You’ll know who Jimmy Conway is if you’ve seen the movie “Goodfellas.” But there are a lot of questions about how Jimmy Conway died because many people think the gangster is still alive.

Jimmy Conway cause of death is hard to believe because he was so well-known in the criminal world. That’s why people still believe that Jimmy is healthy and still alive. So, what happened to the truth and Jimmy Conway?

Who is Jimmy Conway?

Jimmy The Gent is another name for James Burke, whose real name is Jimmy Conway. He was linked to the notorious Lucchese crime family through the Paul Cicero gang, an Italian-American Mafia group that was on the FBI’s most-wanted list. James was born on July 5, 1931, to an Irish woman.

When he was only two years old, the gangster went to live in foster homes. At the age of 16, he started selling alcohol and illegal drugs and also became a hit man. From the 1970s to the 1990s, Jimmy was the leader of the mafia.

If you remember the “Lufthansa Heist” from 1979, it was one of the craziest ways to steal money in the United States. In fact, after this, many of the people who took part died. People said that Jimmy was the one who killed most of the participants.

Jimmy Conway Cause of Death

The gangster was Irish, so without Paul Cicero’s help, he wouldn’t have been able to join the American mafia. At first, he worked in several places for Paul, who was in charge of many places. But he soon got up there.

Jimmy went ahead and hired Henry Hill and Tommy DeVito to work on the submarine crew. But Jimmy was a very kind person. He left big tips for the waiter, the doorman, and other people. People who cared about him wanted to know what killed Jimmy Conway because it was a big deal to them.

What is Jimmy Conway Cause of Death?

When Jim got involved in the Boston College scandal, he was just out on parole at the time. But in 1982, he broke the rules and was arrested for it. He was given a life sentence because of this. Soon, Jimmy found out that he had cancer.

So, Jimmy Conway died of cancer, and he passed away on April 13, 1996. The gangster was taken to the Buffalo, New York, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Jimmy Conway’s death was looked into after he was found dead, because he could have been freed on March 11, 2004.

So, there were questions about whether or not Jimmy Conway’s death was caused by foul play. But it turned out that cancer was what killed him in the end. But after he died, a TV movie called “The Big Heist” came out in 2001.

It talked about Jimmy Conway’s life of crime and even how he died. The FBI and the NYPD eventually found proof that there were several human remains in the house where he used to live. Another documentary with about 30 episodes came out in 2014.

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It’s called “Playing for the Mob,” and it’s narrated by Ray Liotta, who played Henry Hill in the cult classic “Goodfellas.” Even after so many years, everyone wants to know what killed Jimmy Conway and learn more about his life. Jimmy will go down in history as a person who killed people and did illegal business. His life story is well-known today, even among young people.

How Did He Spend His Time Behind Bars?

Jimmy was on parole, but he had to follow rules because he was involved in a scandal about Boston College basketball points. Jimmy broke the rules of his parole in 1982, which led to his arrest. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. Jimmy Conway died on April 13, 1996.

Jimmy Conway Cause of Death

He was 65 years old. So he never got out of jail. Jimmy Conway planned and carried out one of the biggest and most profitable thefts in US history. Since it was said to be the biggest theft, many Americans would have heard about the Lufthansa heist.

Jimmy planned the robbery very carefully and was able to pull it off. After the mission was a success, Jimmy killed most of the people who had been in on the heist so that he wouldn’t have to fight with the witnesses. Jimmy had also planned to kill Hill, but Hill was able to get away and joined a program to protect witnesses.


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