Jessica Betts Net Worth: Mrs. Jessica at the 2021 Glaad Media Award


Jessica Betts is an American vocalist. She is most known for her upcoming marriage to actress Niecy Nash in 2020. Jessica Betts is from the city of Chicago, which is located in Illinois. In the year 2020, she married Niecy Nash. Betts relocated to New York City, New York, to pursue her career as a singer and songwriter.

She and Missy Elliott won the reality showed The Road to Stardom in 2015. She was named BET Music Matters artist of the week in 2011. Jessica Betts performed at the BET Honors pre-show in 2014. Her EP #LLCoolJess was released in 2014.

Jessica Betts Net Worth

Niecy Nash is an American comedian, model, actor, television host, and producer. Betts appeared in the 2003 and 2014 TV movies Code 11-14 and Rebellious Soul: The Musical, respectively. She appeared in an episode of the TV show Claws in 2018.

She earned an Emmy for hosting Clean House on the Style Network from 2003 through 2010. She has also appeared in Reno 911! The Soul Man, Scream Queens, Claws, and more films and television shows.

How to Measure Your Body: Height and Weight

The vocalist stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 58 kilograms. She has black hair and black eyes. Her body is covered in tattoos, including the right half of her back. She has also had her earlobe pierced.

Social Media

On her verified account on Instagram, the singer has a following of more than 173,000 people. On Twitter, she almost has more than 6.5 thousand people following her performance.

Almost 10,800 people subscribed to Betts’s personal YouTube account, which bears his name.

Biography of Jessica Betts

More and more of what a woman from Chicago, Illinois, has discussed in her interview relates to the fact that she is married to Niecy Nash. Jessica has not provided any information regarding her schooling or the name of her school.

However, she claims that her passion for singing ever since she was a child is what brought her to the point where she is now. As we gained more information on her, we discovered that a famous pop singer had attended and graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the United States before devoting her life to pursuing a career as a singer.

Family and Siblings of Jessica Betts

Jessica has not provided any information that is easy to understand, either from her work or her family. The only thing that can be gleaned from her social media accounts is that she has a deep and abiding love for her family, particularly her father, grandparents, and parents.

Jessica Betts Net Worth

Her father, Mr. George Washington Betts, suffered from a severe illness and passed away before the birth of his daughter. On one of her social media accounts, she shared a throwback photo of her father.

She said that her grandmother, who passed away in 2021 at almost 73 years old, was significantly older than that. However, she has not disclosed her mother’s identity, who passed away on October 21, 2009.

This is the only thing she has revealed about her family; she has not mentioned her brothers and sisters at all.

She only has one social media account, but she used it to share a picture of herself beside her only sibling and her grandfather, who is 92 years old. In addition, she mentioned that her mother was a mother to seven children, including herself.

Jessica Betts’s Job, Tv-Shows, and Occupation

In 2001, she released her debut single, “Get Up.” in 2005, Jessica’s life was fundamentally altered when she triumphed in the singing competition The Road to Stardom. She and Missy Elliott, her show partner, ended up winning the competition.

Although Jessica had already won the contest, she continued to sing various songs and has since recorded several pop albums. After being selected as a BET Music Matters artist in 2011, she quickly rose to prominence as a notable figure in the world of singing.

She opened up the Rebellious Soul Tour in 2013 by performing the opening song. Her performance got the tour off to a great start. In 2020, after Nash had tied the knot with the woman who would later become his wife, he produced a music video titled “Catch Me,” in which she could be seen wearing her wedding dress.

Mrs. Jessica Sang at the 2021 Glaad Media Award

Jessica is best known for her work in the pop music industry, but she also has a hidden aptitude for acting. She first appeared on screen in the film Code 11-14 in 2003, and from 2018 through 2021, she portrayed the role of Nadege in the television drama Claws.

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Jessica Betts’s Husband, Name of Her Boyfriend, and Other Relationships

In 2015, Jessica and Niecy Nash, now her same-sex wife, first crossed paths at Betts Music. After getting to know one other better, they started going out together. After a challenging span of four years together as a couple, they tied the knot on August 29, 2020.

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Since they married, they have been living together and making frequent appearances in public. After Jessica stayed the night at Nash’s apartment in January 2020, they began dating shortly after.

Jessica Betts’s Wealth, Source of Income, and Salary

A recent investigation conducted by our team on Jessica’s earnings and net worth led us to conclude that her wealth is approximately USD 90 thousand.

Jessica Betts Net Worth

The majority of her wealth comes from the sale of her CDs, her acting career, and her YouTube channel. It’s true; Jessica, the well-known transgender pop singer, has her own YouTube channel that currently has 11.2 thousand subscribers and generates significant revenue for her.

How Rich and How Much Jessica Betts Makes

According to celebrity net worth, Jessica has a net worth of around $500,000 as of 2022. Her singing career provided the majority of her income. In addition, she drives a red Maserati GranCabrio Sports Car.

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