JayDaYoungan Net Worth: How Much Income Does He Make From Her Career?

As of 2022, American rapper, singer, and songwriter JayDaYoungan was worth $1.5 million. He was born Javorius Tykies Scott, but most people knew him as JayDaYoungan. He was one of the most popular new acts from Louisiana when he came out. JayDaYoungan became well-known after putting out singles like “Elimination” and “23 Island.”

He became famous quickly because he only started rapping two years ago, right after he dropped out of high school. It seems like every song he put on the Internet went viral. JayDaYoungan became even more well-known after the release of hit albums like The Real Jumpman 23 (2017), Wake Up (2018), Taking Off (2018), and 23 (2018).

More than 170 million people have watched the music video for the song “23 Island” since it was posted on YouTube. JayDaYoungan was successful in the music world, but he also had many legal and criminal problems, such as drug possession, assault, felony possession, and changing evidence.

On July 27, 2022, the news said that JayDaYoungan had been shot and killed when he was only 24 years old.

JayDaYoungan Early Life

Javorius Tykies Scott, who is better known as JayDaYoungan, was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, on July 15, 1998. He grew up with his parents and also spent a lot of time with his grandmother. His dad spent a lot of his life in and out of prison for various offences. His mother was a soldier. When she would go on missions, he would spend his days at his grandmother’s house.

Bogalusa was interesting because it had less than 12,000 people living there. This meant that there were fewer things to do and that gangs and street life got more attention. JayDaYoungan remembers that during these hard times, he turned to music to deal with his emotional and mental pain.

JayDaYoungan Net Worth

He also got to stay out of jail by staying in the studio. Since his father was always in jail, the boy tried to avoid making the same mistakes as his father. JayDaYoungan remembers that he first started making music when he was in the eleventh grade.

At first, he would have to drive several hours outside of his small town to the nearest local studio booth. Here, the young boy had a natural gift for writing poetry, and people quickly started to notice him. JayDaYoungan decided to start putting his music on SoundCloud after a serious talk with a recording manager.

JayDaYoungan Music Career

The first tape JayDaYoungan put out was called “YOUNGANimal,” and it came out in 2016. His music began with a real Southern sound, with strong bars and a rough view of life.

But now it has a more melodic sound that takes the harsh truths of growing up with nothing and shows how becoming successful has changed his life and the lives of the people around him.

JayDaYoungan released “Ruffwayy” in 2017, but it was the mixtape “The Real Jumpman 23” that brought him a lot of attention in the music industry and a whole new level of fame.

Songs like “Sliding Freestyle,” which has over 10 million views, were on the mixtape. Videographer David G put the music video for the song on his YouTube channel, along with other music videos by Jay. Each of these videos has been watched more than a million times.

“Muddy Situation” was another huge song from the mixtape. The mixtape has had more than 8 million online hits, and the song has been played almost 5 million times on the site. Then, in 2018, he put out projects like “Wake Up,” “Taking Off,” and “23.”

Rappers like FG Famous and NBA 3Three made guest appearances on the songs. Labels took notice of his music quickly, and he eventually signed a deal with Cinematic Music Group. Most people watch the audio-only version of “Elimination” from his album 23 the most.

JayDaYoungan Net Worth

As of 2022, it was thought that JayDaYoungan’s net worth was about $1.5 million. He was one of the newer rappers in the music business, and he got a lot of attention after putting out a number of hit songs and mixtapes.

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After putting out albums like The Real Jumpman 23 (2017), Wake Up (2018), Taking Off (2018), and 23 (2017), he became well-known (2018).

His song “Elimination” also brought him a lot of attention and made him well-known across the country. Most of his money came from mixtapes, live shows, merchandise, tour sales, hit songs, album sales, and his contracts with Ruffwayy and Atlantic Records.

JayDaYoungan Breakthrough

The song Elimination made him famous all over the world, and more than 19 million people listened to it on Spotify. Then Jay released his mixtape, Forever 23, which has songs like “Purge” and “Thot Thot” on it.

The project was a success because it reached number 86 on the Billboard 200 and number 37 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Endless Pain, which he released in 2019, had the songs “Repo” and “War Ready” on it.

JayDaYoungan Net Worth

The album was a success, reaching #70 on the Billboard #20 chart and #37 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts, just like his other work.

Soon after that, Jay released Misunderstood, a 23-track mixtape with vocals from Lil Durk, YFN Lucci, Lil Boosie, FG Famous, and JetSoo, among others. On the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, the rapper’s mixtape got as high as #36.

Baby23, JayDaYoungan’s first album, came out on June 5, 2020. Kevin Gates, DeJ Loaf, and Moneybagg Yo all made guest appearances, and the album had the hit singles “Perky Activated” and “38K.”

Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, and Lil Boosie were some of the Louisiana hip-hop artists who had an effect on his music. Boosie went up to JayDaYoungan and asked him to come to one of his birthday parties to perform. They became friends and even recorded a song together at Boosie’s house.

JayDaYoungan Troubles and Legal Issues

In 2019, Jay was stopped by the Florida Highway Patrol in Gadsden County, Florida. He was charged with felony possession of a controlled drug without a prescription and given a $2,500 bail.

Later in 2020, police raided his house after hearing that he had hurt a pregnant woman. They found $24,000 in cash, promethazine, several guns, and Oxycodone.

Scott found himself behind the prison a few times in 2021. He was first arrested on suspicion of being involved in a second-degree murder and keeping a judge from talking to a person who had been shot and killed.

Then, after a traffic stop in Washington Parish, he was arrested again on suspicion of a number of crimes, including child neglect, not having insurance, tampering with physical evidence, and having a controlled substance.

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