Jaina Lee Ortiz Net Worth 2022: Who Performed the Role of Jane on Station 19?


Jaina Lee Ortiz, born Jessica Ortiz on November 20, 1986, is an American dancer and actor. She portrayed Detective Annalise Villa on the Fox police drama Rosewood from 2015 to 2017. She made her debut in the lead role of the ABC drama series Station 19 in 2018.

The amount of money that Jaina Lee Ortiz is currently worth. Jaina is a member of the entertainment industry, having appeared in several films and projects.

Her reputation has increased as a result of the talent she possesses at this moment. As of 2019, her net worth is $300,000.

All of this is due to my involvement in the performing industry. This lady may also be involved in brand endorsements, but we lack information to confirm this.

Additionally, information regarding annual income and assets is missing. Regardless of the circumstances, this diva and her husband maintain an extravagant lifestyle.

The Early Years And Education

Jaina was born on the West Coast, but she had a less-than-ideal upbringing. Her parents divorced when she was seven years old. It was a difficult period for her because she was living with her mother in The Bronx. However, her life was altered when she began acting at age nine.

However, she was initially more interested in performing than in her education. Ortiz enrolled at Maggie Flanigan Studios in order to pursue acting due to an immediate need. We believe that was the right choice at this time.


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The most promising future arises from the worst past. Certainly, Ortiz’s career is an illustration of this idea. As soon as she began taking acting courses, things began to improve for her.

After an audition, she landed the part of Scream Queens in 2009. The distance between her participation and her performance in the film was considerable.

After was a popular television series that helped start her career. In contrast, Rosewood is one of this diva’s most successful endeavours.

Other noteworthy works by Jaina include The Shop, Shooter, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, and more. In addition to the series, she has also appeared in other short films, including High Voltage, Misfire, Girls Trip, and others.

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What Films and Television Shows Does Lee Ortiz Star in?

In 2009, the actor/actress made her film debut. She was cast in the reality television series Scream Queens, which was a good beginning. Ortiz placed second out of nine competitors in the talent-spotting challenge.

In 2013, the young actress was cast in The After, an American science fiction thriller, as Marley Munoz.

In 2015, she was cast as Starr on the television series Rosewood as a result of her compelling interpretation of the character. Her depiction of Detective Annalise in Rosewood solidified her status as an actor and drew the attention of fans and filmmakers to her talents.

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Jaina Lee Ortiz is she married?

The married Jaina Lee Ortiz is satisfied with her life. Her lifelong companion, Brad Marques, is also a film industry writer. Ortiz and her spouse have been a couple since their 2010 wedding. In 2010, their marriage was seen by their families and friends at a private ceremony.


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Nonetheless, because the actress rarely publishes photographs of her husband on social media, others believe Ortiz is currently divorced. However, there is no conclusive evidence that the actor with a height of 5 feet 5 inches is divorced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jaina Ortiz Married Still?

Jaina Does Not Seem to Be Married Currently. She is comfortable posting the highlights of her life, but none of them appear to involve a significant other.

Who Performed the Role of Jane on Station 19?

Seasons. In the second season episode Enough is Enough, Lea Seibert was portrayed by Romy Rosemont. She also appeared as Jackie in the Private Practice season four episode titled “A Better Place to Be” and as Jane in the Station 19 season five episode titled “The Road You Didn’t Take.”

What Motivated Jaina Lee’s Name Change?

Ortiz chose Jaina after researching names beginning with the letter J and adopting the middle name Lee because “Bruce Lee is my father’s favourite actor.”

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