Is Xxxtentacion Still Alive? Let’s Talked All the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Rapper’s Death!


After XXXTentacion was killed in a shooting in Miami on June 18, there have been a lot of false rumors and conspiracy theories floating around online.

The Broward Sheriff office has said that the rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, is dead. His manager also confirmed his death with a statement that said the artist “tragically died from a gunshot wound.” Since then, the suspect has been caught and is being charged. The police are looking for a partner.

Here are some of the false rumors and conspiracy theories, which range from the idea that he could still be alive to the idea that he may have known he would die.

His Newest Music Video Shows Him at His Own Funeral

A music video for the song “SAD!” that was shot before the singer died has been put out. It shows the rapper going to the funeral of himself.

Some Fans Think He Faked His Death.

Some fans have said on social media that they think the rapper is still alive and faked his own death, even though the authorities have confirmed that he has died.

One Twitter thread that has been shared a lot talks about a publicity stunt that XXXTentacion did in the past where he faked his own death and then said it was for a music video.

The Twitter user @vasinvain thinks that the star faked his own death because of “the amount of conspiracy in his life and the overwhelming fame” or to promote a new single that might be called “No Pulse” (there’s no proof that XXXTentacion had a single coming out with that name).

The tweeter goes on to say that a video from the crime scene showed “no blood, no shattered glass, and no bullet holes.” They also say that the rapper’s forehead tattoo is missing in the video, which suggests that the person shown could be “a double.”

How Has an Old Video Caused Confusion?

In August of 2018, XXXTentacion posted a video that seemed to show him killing himself. Later, it was found out that the whole thing was a publicity stunt for the rapper’s “Look at Me” music video, which came out in September 2017.

After XXXTentacion died, an old video of him saying that he was still alive and that his “death” was just part of a music video was shared online. Some fans thought it was recent, but the clip was actually from August 2017 and was about the “Look at Me” publicity stunt.

Did XXXtentacion Predict His Own Death?

In an Instagram Live video with no date, XXXTentacion brought up the idea that he might die. “If worst comes to worst, and I fucking die or something and I’m not able to see out my dreams, I at least want to know that the kids heard my message and were able to make something of themselves and were able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and at least have a good life,” he said in the clip.

The rapper continued, “If I’m going to die or be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that at least five million kids were happy because of my life or that they found some kind of answers or resolution in it, no matter what bad things people say about me or about me.”

Fans have said that the clip was his “last” Instagram Live video before he died, but it’s not clear when it was taken.

The lawyer for XXXTentacion says that he told the star to make himself safer before he was killed.

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Attorney David Bogenschutz remembered telling Onfroy that he needed to do more to keep himself safe. Bogenschutz said, “We talked about how he needed security and how he was no longer a child singing tunes on a street corner.” It has been said that the rapper did not have a security team when he died.

What Are the Drake Rumours?

Fans have thought that the lyrics to Drake’s latest song, “I’m Upset,” could have been a sign that XXXTentacion would die. Drake raps on the track, “SMS, triple X/That’s the only time I shoot below the neck/Why you keep on shootin’ if you know that n***a dead?”

XXXTentacion and Drake had a fight before because it was said that Drake stole the flow of ‘Look At Me’ for the ‘More Life’ song ‘KMT.’

Drake hasn’t said anything about the claims, but it seems like the lyrics in question are about sending explicit and intimate photos to a romantic interest.

Dedrick D. Williams, who is 22 years old, was taken into police custody on June 20 and charged with first-degree murder.

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