Is the Client List Based on a True Story? It Was Scary to Film the Massage Scenes!


Is the Client List Based on a True Story? Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List hasn’t aired a new episode in seven years, but you can now watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime.

Fans of the soapy primetime drama might not know that the show is a spin-off of a TV movie in which JLH also played the lead role, but the character had a different name.

The plot seemed like it came straight from the news, but is there a true story behind the “not just for massages” massage parlor premise?

Is the Client List Based on a True Story?

The movie from 2010 is a dramatization of a real scandal that happened in Odessa, Texas, but it is based on fiction. In 2003, when the Healing Touch massage parlor first opened, more than 70 people with ties to the business were arrested on prostitution charges.

According to an article in Texas Monthly, police raided the business in May of 2004 and at first arrested Kathy and Sharon Joyner for selling drugs.

But the lesbian couple would be remembered for their work as the parlor’s madams. They became experts at staying out of sight even though they had a lot of customers. But the Joyners soon found out that a secret this big can’t stay hidden.

Is the Client List Based on a True Story

After a former employee told police about Healing Touch’s illegal activities, their underground business came to an end. The woman, who only gave her name as “Kelly,” told police at the time, “There’s an assistant district attorney, lawyers, and businessmen involved.” They said they thought the 32-year-old mom was telling them “bullsh—-.”

In total, 67 men who were suspected in the investigation turned themselves in. Most of the customers were between 40 and 60 years old, and they included a former member of the school board, a city planner, and a well-known rancher. Sharon is said to have said after she was arrested, “God, I had no idea how much a man needs to be told he’s hot.”

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“You’d be surprised how often I heard the girls laughing about how so-and-so came in and spent fifteen minutes flexing in the mirror and asking, “Do you think I’m fat?”,” she said. “Men need to feel important. And sometimes family, stress at work, and getting older get in the way.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Said That It Was Scary to Film the Massage Scenes.

The former member of Party of Five spent a lot of her time at work for three years rubbing oil on men, which was sometimes as uncomfortable as it sounds. In a 2012 interview with Collider, she said, “Basically, even though we’re actors, the guys are strangers to me, and I’m there in lingerie.”

Is the Client List Based on a True Story

“But I will say that the guys we’ve hired so far have all been such gentlemen. The brunette beauty said, “They’ve been so nice.” She also said, “I think it’s awkward for them, too, because I’m in lingerie and they’re in almost nothing, and we’re in front of so many people.” To massage someone is a very personal thing to do.”

As for the controversial topics in the movie and series, the mother of two said, “The story we’re telling is a true one. There are families who are put in these economic situations… So, I think women, men, and everyone else on the planet just have to make the best of what life gives them.”


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