Is the Brat Pregnant? Let’s Discuss “Da Brat Talks About Her Chances of Having Kids” on “Brat Loves Judy.”


Shawntae Harris, a rapper and reality TV star, goes by the stage name Da Brat. She has been living her best life. She told the world in February 2022 that she and her wife, Jesseca Dupart, were going to have their first child together. We can watch the whole thing on their reality show, Brat Loves Judy.

In their announcement, they didn’t say who would be carrying the baby, but now we know it will be Jesseca. But a scene from the second season of their reality show makes people wonder: Is Da Brat pregnant now? What we know is as follows.

Is the Brat Pregnant?

As of now, neither Da Brat nor Jesseca has said for sure if the rapper is pregnant or not. But a scene from the movie Brat Loves Judy shows that she thought about it at one point. In a trailer for the second season of the show, Brat talks to her wife about their family’s future.

In a confessional, Jessica says that she and her wife are both so busy right now that it’s not the best time to have a baby. Brat is also making new music at the same time. Brat says she has fibroids, which could make it hard for her to carry a baby.


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In another scene from Brat Loves Judy, Brat is talking about her health over FaceTime. A doctor found two fibroid tumors, she says. Because of this, the doctor thinks it would be better for Jesseca to get pregnant and have children. During this conversation, it’s clear that she’s upset because she’s wiping her eyes.

Even though this is bad news, Da Brat has some Instagram followers who have been showing their support for her. People have written in the comments of that post about how their own health problems didn’t stop them from having kids.

One commenter said, “I’ve had fibroids and cysts my whole life, and I had a healthy nine-pound, one-ounce baby girl.” “It is possible.” Another person said they knew women with fibroids who had high-risk pregnancies but still had children.

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When is the Baby of Jessica and Da Brat Due?


As of right now, no date has been set for when Harris-baby Dupart’s will be born. But Jessica didn’t show when they first said she was pregnant, so the baby might not come until the fall of 2022.

The fact that Da Brat likes to keep her private life private makes it make sense for the couple to keep this secret. In fact, this reality show is where we’ve seen her most open and honest.

In 2020, Da Brat came out as gay for the first time when she told the public about her relationship with Jesseca. But she has worked in the music business for a long time, and there have always been rumors that she liked women.


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In an interview with Variety in 2020, Da Brat said that one reason she kept her sexuality a secret was because she didn’t want the public to get involved in her life. She also said she was worried about how being so open would affect her career, fan base, and other things.

“I mean, you saw what happened to people like Ellen [DeGeneres]: Remember when she lost her TV show and all these terrible things were going on?” Da Brat said in the interview. “Everyone was completely against it.”

But Da Brat did say that she got a good response when she told people she was dating Jesseca, which made her wonder why she hadn’t spoken up sooner, despite the risks.

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