Is Rick Harrison in Jail? What Happened to Him?


Is Rick Harrison in jail? His mother, Joanne Rhue Harrison, was also in trouble with the law. Here are some new details about the case.

Rick Harrison is an American businessman and reality TV star who is known for being on the History show Pawn Stars.

He runs a shop called the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which was also shown on the show. He also wrote a book called Best Seller License to Pawn, which was his personal memoir.

Harrison was also interested in business from a young age. When he was a teenager, he started working with his dad, Richard Harrison, in the pawn business.

People know about the Lexington native not only because of his art, but also because of the legal problems he is having right now.

Is Pawn Stars’s Rick Harrison Arrested?

At the time this post was written, Rick Harrison had not been taken into custody. But he is having trouble with the law, which could lead to his being locked up in the future.

Harrison is fighting in court with his mother, Joanne Harrison. She says that Rick mismanaged and stole money from their family trust, jewelry, the family business, and a lot of other things.


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Las Vegas Review-Journal said that Harrison is accused of making his mum sign over her 51 percent ownership stake in the Company while she was in a coma and being cared for in the ICU at Valley Hospital.

Rick’s mother took him to court in February 2022, and the matter is still not over. So, in the future, we can expect to learn more.

Rick Harrison’s Mother, Joanne Rhue Harrison, Is Suing Him.

Rick Harrison was sued by his mother, Joanne Rhue Harrison, in February 2022. His mother said that Rich forced her to give up her part of the family pawn store business and then spent years mismanaging the family’s money.

Harrison replied that this was not true and that other individuals had used his mother for their own advantage.

While submitting the complaint, Joanne found out about her family’s history from 20 years ago. When her husband, Richard Harrison, or “Old Man,” died on June 25, 2018, the family problem garnered a lot of attention.

Is Rick Harrison in Jail?

When Joanne’s husband died, the lawsuit states, Rick took over several parts of the firm and accounts that Joanne contends belong to her.

Joanne adds that women is allowed to own family businesses and property. women helped her husband lay the framework for the Pawn Stars show. They are G&S Pawn Shop (50%), Harrison Properties (35%), Pawn Shop (47.5%), and JoRich (100%).

Not only that, but the lawsuit alleges that Rick didn’t do his job and wouldn’t give documents on the shop’s finances when asked. In the same way, Joanne didn’t know that some of her investments were tied to a $3 million loan.

Hayes Wakayama, a law firm in Las Vegas, is said to be Joanne’s lawyer. In the future, we will tell you more about this situation.


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What Happened to Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison is busy with his business in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he owns a Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Harrison and his late father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, started and ran the family pawn shop together in 1989.


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Harrison keeps coming to the set of Pawn Stars, even though he has a lot of legal problems. He is also on Instagram under the name @rick_harrison.

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