Is Overwatch Dead? In 2022, Do Anyone Watch Overwatch on Twitch?


Overwatch players are largely dissatisfied with the current condition of the game. Many believe the game will soon be extinct. But is the game truly threatened in 2022?

Overwatch has been in a precarious position due to Blizzard’s devs devoting the majority of their efforts on the perpetually delayed Overwatch 2. This sequel offers additional game types, heroes, maps, and overall content. However, many Overwatch fans are unconvinced that the content disclosed thus far is sufficient to support an altogether new game and the compromises made to Overwatch’s current version’s upgrades.

The underlying problem is that Overwatch 2 has been repeatedly delayed. While this is unfortunate news for fans who are eager to get their hands on the sequel, the real problem is that developers have all but abandoned Overwatch while working on Overwatch 2, meaning that the game continues to receive no new content or significant updates as players continue to grow increasingly impatient.

What is the Number of Overwatch Players in 2022?

The Overwatch community’s scepticism over the game’s viability in 2022 is unsurprising, given the infrequency of balancing tweaks and new content. Statistics indicate that Overwatch is not yet extinct.

According to Active Player, Overwatch entered 2022 with approximately 6.8 million monthly average players. This is a significant increase from December 2020, which saw an average of 4.9 million players. Beginning in 2021, the average number of players was approximately 6.2 million. In July of 2021, there were an average of 7,3 million gamers, but since then, the player count has steadily decreased to its current level.

What is Overwatch’s Peak Player Count?

While the average number of players per month is somewhat encouraging, it is essential to also consider Overwatch’s daily peak player count. A little less than 618,000 peak gamers averaged over the previous 30 days prior to 2022. This indicates that there are hundreds of thousands of daily active players, indicating that Overwatch is far from dead.

In 2022, is Overwatch a Fading Game?

Overwatch is not dead, despite what the community claims on social media. However, Overwatch is technically dying slowly. A year after the game’s release in 2016, it had 35 million players. In 2018, there were 50 million Overwatch players, indicating growth. Even by Blizzard’s own estimations, the number has since decreased substantially.

Is Overwatch Dead?

It is normal for a game to see a fall in active players as it ages, but this does not justify Overwatch’s precipitous decline. Due to the absence of fresh content and the lack of support for streams, Overwatch has become significantly less popular.

Despite the fact that an average of approximately 6 million players may appear to be a large amount, keep in mind that other popular games have much larger player bases. Fortnite, League of Legends, and Apex Legends are all instances of massively popular competitive online games with greater player counts than Overwatch.

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In 2022, Do Anyone Watch Overwatch on Twitch?

Yes, technically. But the numbers for Overwatch on Twitch are not encouraging.

According to Statistica, Overwatch’s Twitch viewership is steadily declining. This is because fewer streamers have dedicated channels to Overwatch. Numerous professional players and full-time content developers have shifted their focus to other games, such as Valorant and Apex Legends.

The Overwatch League was relocated to YouTube, therefore removing professional play from the platform. However, the Overwatch League’s viewership has been rapidly falling, so its inclusion on Twitch would not significantly help the stats.

At the end of November 2021, Overwatch had an average viewership of only 11,500. This is significantly lower than Overwatch’s previous 2019 peak of just over 47,000 players.

The truth is that many individuals continue to adore Overwatch. Due to its extensive lore, entertaining heroes, and dynamic gameplay, the game remains a popular competitive first-person shooter. Due to a lack of material, updates, and developer support, the game is no longer as popular as it once was.

Overwatch is not yet dead, but the game is gradually fading away, as the number of players and watchers decreases each month. The game is not in immediate jeopardy, but it is gradually going away as Blizzard’s devs continue to focus on Overwatch 2.

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