Is Neil Patrick Harris Married? Let’s Talk About Getting All the Details About His Marriage!


David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris have been in a relationship for nearly two decades, remaining by each other’s side as their professions progress. As they navigate the world together, the celebrity pair has celebrated Tony wins, the legalisation of gay marriage, cookbook publications, and the birth of twins, among other accomplishments. They are one of Hollywood’s most popular couples, perhaps because they let us into their life via social media and brag about their children on late-night talk shows.

David Burtka has had a fair amount of success as a famous chef and Broadway and television actor. While Neil Patrick Harris may be better known for his roles in “Doogie Howser, M.D.” and “How I Met Your Mother” as a child actor, David Burtka has also had a fair amount of success as a Broadway and television actor.

Harris and Burtka have been thrown in the spotlight due to their long and prosperous marriage, lovely children, and support for LGBT rights. Harris and Burtka are a proven power couple in both Hollywood and New York City. Their family is well-known for their elaborate Halloween costumes and excursions to Disney World. Continue reading to learn more about the couple’s love journey.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Were Brought Together by a Mutual Acquaintance.

In 2003, both performers met while working on Broadway. In the 1998 revival of “Cabaret,” Neil Patrick Harris played the character of Emcee, while David Burtka portrayed Tulsa in the 2003 revival of “Gypsy.” Kate, a mutual friend, introduced them on a New York City street corner. Harris instantly discovered Burtka’s arrangement. Was he Kate’s partner? No, but neither was he single. In an interview with Out Magazine, Harris characterises Burtka as “classically seductive, yet incredibly boyish in energy.” Harris grew weary of the gloomy Marlboro Man archetype and found Burtka’s vitality to be invigorating.


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Burtka was in a long-distance relationship at the time, which required him to commute frequently between New York City and Los Angeles. When Burtka met Harris, he and his boyfriend were fighting to maintain their relationship and were “on the rocks.” However, Burtka disregarded his interaction with Harris, who was already smitten with him. However, in the same interview with Out Magazine, Burtka confessed that he “thought [Harris] was adorable… with these hypnotic blue eyes.” Despite the fact that he was not yet infatuated with Harris, the chemistry between them was beginning to sizzle.

They Had Their First Date at the Movies.

A week after David Burtka broke up with his long-distance LA partner in 2004, he and Neil Patrick Harris went to see “Taking Lives” on their first date. This date was the beginning of their romance, and they have been inseparable ever since. According to their Out interview, the couple developed a practise of phoning each other multiple times each day, messaging each other their every idea, and even becoming “extremely dependent” on one another. They were each other’s lifeline, safety net, the individual they turned to for counsel or consolation. They began to occupy a prominent place in one another’s lives.

Burtka has always desired a family. He desired to settle down and have children, complete with a white picket fence. Harris, on the other hand, believed he would remain unmarried for the rest of his life until he met David. In an interview with Out, he stated, “I remember being in my mid-twenties and lying in bed, thinking to myself, I’ve never had a shower with anyone; I’ve never had a serious relationship.” All of that changed when he went on his first date with David, and the pair has been infatuated ever since.

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In 2007, the Pair Went Public.

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris began dating in 2004, although their relationship was not made public until 2007. Their connection was concealed in part because Neil had not yet come out to the public. He believed that his romantic life was private, thus he never publicised it. However, suspicions regarding Harris’ sexuality began to circulate when his performance as Barney Stinson in the 2005 television series “How I Met Your Mother” increased his popularity.

Some individuals assumed Harris was ashamed of his sexual orientation. To put an end to rumours, Harris told People, “I am a really happy gay man who lives his life to the fullest.” Once Harris disclosed his sexual orientation to the world, he created the ground for his relationship with Burtka to be made public. In 2007, Harris did so on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Three years of dating had passed, and it was time for the world to know. Since then, the couple has publicly acknowledged their connection. Their family’s extensive social media presence contributes to the continued growth of their fanbase.

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Each of Them Proposed to the Other.

According to Out Magazine, David Burtka accompanied Neil Patrick Harris to the New York City intersection where they were first introduced. Burtka dropped down on one knee and proposed to Harris. Harris welcomed the proposition with enthusiasm.

He desired for Burtka to experience the same ecstatic feelings of love and joy because he was so overcome by them himself. The next year, while on vacation in Santa Monico, Harris decided it was his turn to propose. Harris proposed to Burtka on Valentine’s Day, and Burtka was able to experience the same ecstasy and delight that Harris felt when Burtka first proposed.


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However, the pair did not go public with their engagement until 2011. Harris posted on Twitter, “David and I were engaged, but that was almost five years ago! We’ve been wearing engagement rings for years while awaiting a date.” When David and Harris became engaged, gay marriage in New York State was still prohibited. The pair remained engaged for several more years before they were legally able to wed. Prior to their marriage, Burtka and Harris had been together for over a decade.

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