Is Nathan and Holly Still Together? Let’s Find Out More About His Relationship Status!


Massive spoilers ahead for Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu were endgames prior to discovering that Pleasure Island was, in reality, the Netflix sensation Too Hot to Handle.

They lost more money during their time in the villa than any other pair in the history of Too Hot to Handle, and were substantially responsible for—spoiler alert!—reducing the prize money to a meagre $0 at one point. In the third season of Too Hot to Handle, a paradise retreat saw the development of several powerful connections.

Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan fell in love immediately, and Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson were romantically involved. Holly and Nathan’s kissing lost their fellow contestants the majority of the prize money, and they left the retreat appearing engaged.

However. Despite Nathan and Holly’s obvious disregard for Lana’s rules, they were successful in the Too Hot to Handle season. By rubbing a doll of himself against a doll of Holly, Nathan taught Holly to trust him, while Holly learnt to control her instincts. Even though he lost the $90,000 prize to another Too Hot to Handle duo, Beaux and Harry, Lana selected Nathan as one of the candidates who had developed the most during the season.

What is Our Knowledge of Nathan?

The third season of Too Hot To Handle is well underway, and the drama has just begun. It’s just a matter of time before paradise transforms into a romantically charged challenge, as the nine contenders become accustomed to Lana’s rules and the prohibition on sexual contact. Nathan, a celebrity who has already referred to himself in his Instagram bio as “Lana’s most sought after,” is guaranteed to transgress the rules.


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Here is everything you need to know about the contestant and what he’ll bring to this year’s Too Hot To Handle, as it appears that the $200,000 prize pool will not last long with Nathan present. South African model and business student Nathan is 24 years old. Nathan, whom Netflix named the “most notorious party animal” in Cape Town, describes as a “international playboy” who has no time to be single.

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What is Our Understanding of Holly?

Holly Scarfone, whom fans have dubbed a “Kylie Jenner lookalike,” was one of the most talked-about contestants before to the show’s premiere. However, how old is Holly Scarfone? What is her Instagram handle and does she have a significant other? What you should know about Too Hot To Handle’s newest member is as follows:


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Canadian psychology student Holly is currently enrolled at the University of Colorado in the United States. The 23-year-old normally adheres to the maxim “work hard, play hard,” and he believes this will aid him in his search for pleasure (or love) in Turks and Caicos Island. As evidenced by her Instagram account, Holly is also a model.

Holly is always seeking a new boyfriend to hang out with when she is not studying or modelling. The newest reality television star believes she is highly gorgeous and confident. She dislikes relationships, which is unfortunate. We can presume Holly has no plans to settle down in the near future.

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Are Nathan and Holly Still in a Relationship?

Despite their recent signals that they might reconcile, Holly and Nathan are no longer in a relationship. In the Too Hot to Handle reunion episode, which was taped before the cast began marketing season three in mid-January, Holly stated, “We’ve remained quite close. I adore our connection… We have tremendous regard for one another. Not that it was a success, I suppose.”

Nathan and Holly separated upon their return from Too Hot to Handle, as Covid regulations made it impossible for them to see one another. Holly stated in a video broadcast by THTH a week after the series aired, “From day one until now, we’ve remained extremely close and have a lot of mutual respect.” I wouldn’t say it was a failure.” Holly continued, “I also had a few months remaining to complete my degree — I graduated.” Holly tweeted a photo of them in Nathan’s birthplace of London, wearing matching sweaters in a mirror selfie while he kissed her on the head, which gives us hope that they’ve reconciled.

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