Is Kathryn on Southern Charm Pregnant? Is Kathryn Married in Secret?


Kathryn Dennis may be pregnant with her third child, according to the Southern Charm season seven finale. The 30-year-old was captured taking a pregnancy test and appearing anxious as she awaited the device’s results. As the ultimate cliffhanger, viewers were unaware of whether or not Kathryn’s pregnancy test indicated she is expecting a child.

So, is Southern Charm’s Kathryn Pregnant Again?

Kathryn has two children with her ex-husband Thomas Ravenel, so fans were keen to know if she was pregnant with Chleb Ravenell. Fans initially believed Kathryn did not appear pregnant, but social media can be deceitful and most women do not begin to show until three or four months into their pregnancy.

Kathryn is known for shocking her followers with her pregnancy. In Season 1, viewers were startled to learn that Sarah was pregnant after Thomas ended their relationship. Kathryn gave birth to a daughter (Kensie), and she and Thomas attempted to make their relationship work. But they split up again, and Kathryn discovered she was pregnant for the second time, this time with a son, St. Julien.


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Thankfully, as of January 2021, Page Six put an end to the pregnancy rumours surrounding Kathryn; she is not pregnant! However, following the pregnancy rumours, she and Chleb’s relationship did become more serious. Kathryn gushed about her boyfriend during the Season 8 opener of Southern Charm, which aired on June 23, the same day the couple moved in together in secret.

Unfortunately, their relationship on the show was short-lived, and on July 7, they appeared to break up in front of the audience. Kathryn informed Chleb, “I feel like you’re emotionally unavailable, and you know I’ve been in relationships with emotionally unavailable individuals,” adding, “I haven’t seen you take the steps necessary to fill the position I’d like someone to do.”

Caleb said, “It’s difficult to fulfil that role because I had no idea what I was getting into when I started dating you.”

This Custody Dispute is Dragging on for a Long Time.

Dennis and Ravenel had been engaged in a custody dispute for some time; however, in November, a full year after Dennis initially applied for sole custody of their children, Ravenel filed for joint custody. Ravenel had recently been arrested for beating the child’s ex-nanny, Dawn.

Ravenel pled guilty to third-degree assault and battery and served no jail time as a result. He was granted sole custody of Saint and their 6-year-old daughter Kensington, and Ravenel paid for a babysitter to assist Dennis.

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An Entirely New Dilemma

This season on the popular Bravo show, Dennis is confronted with a fresh round of drama. During the pandemic, the 29-year-old was accused of being not only insensitive but also racist after a text message between her and a local radio DJ was released.

The use of the monkey emoji by Dennis in the chat led to inferences that she was phoning the host for money. Unfortunately, the host is African-American, and the emoji was seen as a racial slur. Fans can now see this drama unfold on television.


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Chleb disclosed in an interview with E! News shortly after the breakup that their relationship became rocky when filming for Southern Charm began in November 2021, shortly after they became an official couple. Kathryn’s protracted custody dispute with fellow Southern Charm cast member Thomas exacerbated additional strain.

“It was difficult to see her go through that,” Chleb told E! News, saying that he attempted to lessen her suffering. “All I wanted to do was make her happy, but because she was coping with so much, she didn’t grasp my intentions. She had excessive mental activity.”

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