Is Kamene Goro Terminated? After Leaving Kiss FM, What Are Kamene Goro’s Plans?

Is Kamene Goro Terminated? After hearing about Kamene Goro’s departure from the programme, Kiss FM’s audience is afraid that she may have been terminated.

On January 26, 2023, Kamene Goro, anchor of the Kiss FM morning programme, will broadcast her farewell episode. Since the station’s management opted not to extend her contract, further details on the reasons for her leaving have come to light.

The radio personality, who allegedly earned over 500,000 shillings per month, is believed to have angered the Radio Africa Group franchise’s top management.

The two joined Kiss FM on June 14, 2019, having been stolen from NRG Radio with Andrew Kibe in a move that sparked social media excitement.

Is Kamene Goro Terminated?

After hearing about Kamene Goro’s departure from the broadcast, Kiss FM listeners speculate if she was fired.

After three years of presenting the morning programme on Kiss FM, Michelle Kamene Goro, better known by her stage as Kamene Goro, will quit Radio Africa Group, the station’s parent company.


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According to a source who talked with, the radio host’s resignation was precipitated by a disagreement. Thompson Maghana, nicknamed Oga Obinna, and Kamene were the hosts of the morning programme. On January 19, her followers were saddened to hear of her passing.

When questioned about the rumours of her leaving, Kamene said that she did not see why it would be newsworthy. When asked by NN how the news of her leaving was being received, the media personality said that she had nothing further to say.

She said that individuals should recognise that leaving is not always easy and leave others alone.

After Leaving Kiss FM, What Are Kamene Goro’s Plans?

Kamene Goro has not yet disclosed her plans after leaving Kiss FM. Since she began working at the station in 2019, Kamene has provided her listeners with informative and entertaining material. In a phone conversation with Nairobi News, Kamene showed reluctance to disclose her forthcoming resignation from the media company where she has worked for the last three years.

Kamene is knowledgeable in the media industry. As a University of Nairobi third-year student, she got the opportunity to audition for a TV screen test.

Is Kamene Goro Terminated?

This unexpected meeting was the beginning of her great media career. Kamene served as a reporter and news anchor for Prime Time at the fast rising media source Ebru TV.

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How Much is the Net Worth of Kamene Goro?

Estimates place Kamene Goro’s net worth at a staggering 7,5 million Kenyan Shillings. The well-known media figure has a reputation for living an extravagant lifestyle, which means she earns a competitive salary. She has yet to divulge the details of her contract, despite widespread reports that she gets paid less than prior presenters Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango.


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As with other media personalities, Kamene’s career has been hard. Numerous conflicts have stained it. However, the majority of people respect her for being able to disregard the majority of them and continue her profession.

On her programme, Kamene is recognised for discussing a variety of societal topics with courage and candour. She routinely utilises her position to bring attention to important social problems, such as women’s rights and mental health.

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