Is Jughead Really Dead: Who Was in on the Conspiracy?


The CW’s well-liked series “Riverdale” follows the exploits of a group of brave teenagers in the show’s title town. The storylines have gotten scarier over the seasons, from a whodunit to a serial killer. However, Jughead Jones has played a crucial role in every mystery the gang has faced. He is well-liked by the audience because of his excellent investigative sense and kind nature. Fans were worried as a result when Jughead’s death was hinted at and then the episode progressed towards it. Is Jughead actually dead then?

Is Jughead Really Dead

Does Jughead Die in Riverdale?

Jughead reportedly suffers a head injury and passes away. Betty is seen standing over his body while holding a bloodied rock. Jughead, however, genuinely pretends to pass away. We think there was actually a murder plot, given the wound on Jughead’s forehead and the fact that Donna and Bret think he’s dead.

Jughead planned to confront Bret at the Stonewall party before adjudicating the case in the woods. He replaces the bunny mask on the way with his signature beanie, which probably absorbs the impact and keeps him alive. The preppies are unaware of this, though. By blowing Devil’s Breath into Betty’s face and causing her to lose consciousness, they use her as a scapegoat for the crime. Then they handed Betty what appeared to be the murder weapon. If Jughead hadn’t seen it coming, it would have been the ideal crime.

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Jughead’s survival is quite obvious, and the show makes that clear in just two episodes. The fact that he continues to be the narrator is a dead giveaway, and Archie, Betty, and Veronica don’t appear as sad as they would if Jughead had passed away. Furthermore, Cole Sprouse is too beloved for the programme to write him off, and the character is an important element of the story.

Aside from Archie, Betty, and Veronica, the conspiracy also included Charles, Dr. Curdle Jr., F.P. Jones, and Jellybean. Betty tells Alice the secret, and Archie also tells Mary Andrews the truth. But why bother to pretend that he is dead?

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Why Does Jughead Fake His Death?

Betty is informed by Jughead that he now has some vital time to look into the death of Mr. Chipping, his former English instructor. The last time Jughead tried to figure out what was going on, he was expelled from Stonewall on spurious plagiarism charges and was unable to defend himself because of Bret’s influence. Jughead fakes his death in order to do business from the hereafter because he was unable to take action against the preppies in plain view.

Additionally, the preppies’ unhappiness is sown by his death. The majority of the group’s time is devoted to disguising the fictitious murder. The preppies stop around Jughead’s waggon when he pretends to be dead, giving him some breathing room to look into the teacher’s murder. In addition, he instigates a few fights among the gang, undermining harmony while the preppies attempt to cover up a murder that Jughead has been fabricating all along.

In conclusion, Jughead is still very much alive and is sneaking around. When Donna discovers three milkshake glasses in the bunker, she comes dangerously close to making the assumption, but she is compelled to abandon it in the absence of further evidence. Archie and the gang also put on a fantastic performance because they thought the preppies would be watching. Anyone from Donna’s group would fall for the performance they put up, appearing to move over Jughead’s murder, even though viewers see they aren’t actually devastated.

Is Jughead Really Dead

Who Was in on the Conspiracy?

Some people were aware of the plan to pretend that Jughead had died from the beginning, while others learned about it later. Since Archie checked Jughead’s body while he was on the ground and yelled that there was no pulse and he was dead, Betty, Veronica, and Archie must have realised what was really going on. Everything that happened after that, even the flash-forward scenario in which the three of them burnt their garments and swore silence, was a show for the preppies. They had to act as though Donna and Bret were watching them and following them, and they had to maintain their act until they were all safely home.

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Charles, Jellybean, F.P. Jones, and Dr. Curdle Jr. were also complicit in the plot. Charles may have been involved from the start because he gave Betty advice on how to pose as a criminal seeking to hide their tracks. Charles must have told F.P. about the idea at a later time since he needed to deceive him into giving up the bloody rock. He most certainly received information about the true situation before forming the search party. Dr. Curdle was included in the plot at about the same time so that he could inspect the body and certify Jughead’s demise. Naturally, Jellybean would have been informed as well, as Jughead wouldn’t want to subject his sister to the ordeal.

When Archie noticed Mary Andrews’ distress about losing both his father and his best friend so suddenly, he told her. Betty finally told Alice Cooper the truth in an off-the-record conversation while Alice was filming a documentary about the incident. It’s now only a matter of time before the truth is revealed because ten people are now aware of the plot to fake Jughead’s death.

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